Silver Linings

“Every cloud has a silver lining, Lucy.” Detective Stanton said. “Everyone knows that.” The former Princess of Darkness huffed, rolling her eyes at the detective’s words. “Yeah bloody right! Like Hell my Father would line each cloud with silver.” Lucy spat. 

Detective Stanton sighed as he facepalmed. It seems that his partner/girlfriend needs a lesson in human sayings. “Lucy, when I say that every cloud has a silver lining, I meant that even though things look like they’re going from bad to worse, there’s still a chance that it can turn around for the better.” The detective explained. “Dark clouds can cover up the sun, but after a while, it goes away, revealing the sun once more. Do you understand?” The Queen of Hell stayed silent for a minute as she pondered her Nicolas’s words.

“So what you’re saying is that I should not feel hopeless during dark times because it can lead to better days?” Lucy asked. “Yes, that’s exactly it.” The detective said with a smile. The former Lightbringer, however, did not return the sentiment. “If that’s the case, where were my better days when I was forced to rule over Hell?! Where were my better days when I was made to be the epitome of all that is evil?! To be blamed for every sinful act that you humans commit?!” The Devil raged, her hazelnut brown orbs glowing red with hellfire.

The detective, taken aback by Lucy’s outburst, was at a loss. He knows that the former Princess of Darkness has been through a lot in her long life, and it pains him deeply to see what society has painted her to be. He tried to make her see that she’s not the vile, evil being that almost all of humanity thinks of her as, but her stubbornness and insecurities tend to get in the way. Guess I will have to try harder. Detective Stanton thought, cursing the fallen angel’s family to Hell and back, except for her sister Amora. Things will get better, Lucy. I promise you. The detective vowed, hanging onto his own silver-lined cloud.

Walk Away

“I know that no matter what I say is never going to make up for the mistakes that I have made.” Her soon-to-be ex-husband said, his voice filled with remorse. “I am begging you to please give me another chance. I promise that I will be the husband that you deserve.” He finished, kneeling beside her, his eyes pleading with her to reconsider her decision.

She turned to look at him, her face an emotionless mask. He had said those exact words many times before. She had forgiven him many times out of the goodness of her heart, and of her love for him, but now, she cannot forgive him anymore. She has endured enough. It was time to walk away. “I used to think that you were the one.” She finally said. “That you would be the kind of husband that would always be there for me through thick and thin.” Taking a breath to tame her rising anger, she continued, “Though after what you have done, I feel like I just don’t know who you are anymore. You are no longer the man that I fell in love with.” At her words, his eyes widened with shock.

“Is this it?” He whispered, still not willing to come to terms with the fact that his wife is going to leave him after seven years together. “It’s over?” She then got up from her seat and walked at a brisk pace toward the door, her high-heeled boots clicking on the wooden floor. Giving him a look that put the final nail in his metaphorical coffin, she said, “I’ll speak with my attorney and send you the divorce papers.” With that, she shut the door and left, never once looking back.

The man stared at the closed door as the harsh reality began sinking in. His marriage is over, and there’s nothing he could do to repair it. He should have given her more of his time, to put her needs above his own. Yet he never did, always blowing her off to hang out with his co-workers for drinks after a long day at work. His shoulders sagged as he rose from his spot and sat in the seat his wife had sat in moments before. “You really fucked things up this time,” He said to himself. “I have lost her forever.”

Human Shield

There was blood everywhere, creating a crimson puddle on the black asphalt. A man held a limp body close to his, rocking it back and forth. “Why did you have to jump in front of me?!” He murmured, tears streaming down his face. “Why can’t you let me save you this time?!” He cried, tightening his hold on the lifeless body of his lost love.

It all happened too fast. They were close to apprehending a suspect for the murders of innocent teenagers. Just when they are within reach, the perp took out a .45 caliber handgun and fired at one of them in the hopes of buying himself more time to escape from being arrested. The female officer didn’t think twice as she jumped out in front of her partner, who was unarmed and unprotected. The bullet hit her right in the chest as blood poured out of the wound.

Ice-cold shock ran through him as he watched her fall to the ground in slow motion. Snapping out of his stupor, he quickly caught her before she touched the unforgiving ground. “Stay with me, honey! Please!” He begged, trying frantically to stop the bleeding. His efforts were for naught as her life force began to ebb away. “No, please no!” He cried as she took her last breath and went limp in his arms. Fresh tears of anguish streamed down his face as he mourned, his heart breaking into a million tiny pieces. It felt like his very soul was being ripped in half, never to be made whole again.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but when the paramedics arrived on the scene, they had to pry his arms loose to transport the female officer’s body to the city morgue. One of the paramedics offered him a sympathetic look and said, “I’m sorry that you had to lose her like this, but maybe you will find each other again someday.” The grieving consultant could only nod as he slowly got up and trudged off into the darkness of night, silently wishing that he could die too so he could be together with his one true love.

To Do Nothing

Today I will do nothing,

Except watch the wind blow through the grass.

Wait for the flowers to bloom,

So I can admire its beauty.

Observe the day of a robin,

As it flutters from place to place.

Study the gracefulness of clouds,

Reading the branches of writing in the sky.

The wind turns the unread pages,

I shall master the pursuit of aimlessness.

How to Prank a Raccoon

Raccoons are the pranksters of the natural world. At least, that's the general consensus. I mean, they do look like little robbers with their black "masks" across their eyes. So how does one go about pranking these nocturnal critters?

"Kyra, are you sure this is going to work?" A large Alaskan Husky asked the Siberian Gray cat beside him. "For the millionth time, yes, Ashton, it will work! Quit asking me every five seconds!" Kyra said exasperatedly. The cat and dog duo decided to pull a prank on the neighborhood raccoon that has been causing trouble. They have spent many nights forming the perfect plan to teach the trash-hunting creature a lesson it would not soon forget.

A rustle was heard from some bushes nearby. Kyra zeroed in on the source of the sound and waited, thinking that the raccoon is about to come out. Sure enough, a young, energetic raccoon burst out of the bushes and made a beeline for the trash cans in Kyra's backyard, hoping to find some delicious morsels that were thrown out by the owner.

As the raccoon came closer to the garbage cans, it made quick work of the lid and proceeded to devour whatever it could get its little paws on. Then, the creature stopped stuffing its face and hurled everything back into the trash. "What is this disgusting thing?! I've never tasted anything so foul!" The raccoon then jumped off the edge of the can, not bothering to put the lid back on. The can then toppled over, spilling garbage everywhere. "I am never coming back to this place ever again," The Procyonidae muttered as it waddled away back into the bushes.

When the coast was clear, Kyra and her canine companion came out of their hiding spot. The Siberian cat had a satisfied smirk on her face. "See Ashton? I told you it would work." The husky gazed in the direction of the now toppled trash can and back to the cat. "Who knew that putting in all those smelly foods could ward off a raccoon?" Kyra hummed and said, "Raccoons may eat anything and everything, but the one thing they will never touch is something that smells bad. That, my friend, is how you prank a raccoon."


Ice-cold fear ran down his spine. He felt afraid as she got out of the elevator and walked towards him. His heart pounded madly like a jackhammer. I knew I shouldn’t have left her that voicemail, he thought woefully. It’s not often that a man like him is rejected. He was very popular with the ladies (and gentlemen, of course); but he couldn’t bear it if he were rejected by her, the one person that mattered most to him.

Come on, man! Stop being afraid and tell her everything! His mind exclaimed. If you don’t, you will lose her forever! His mind continued, hitting him where it hurts. He didn’t want to lose her, but the risk still remains. Heaving a sigh, he said to himself, “I’m done being afraid.”

Butterflies. Swarms upon swarms of butterflies filled her stomach. She felt anxious as she exited the elevator and walked towards him. Her heart raced while her mind peaked with curiosity. I didn’t expect him to leave me that voicemail. She thought. Though it’s a good thing that he did because going backward is not okay for anyone. Not even him. She mentally concluded.

She had been popular once, but that was because she had shown her assets to the world at a time when she was young and wild. Men fawned over her because of her body and not what she is like as a person. The one person who did treat her with the respect she deserves didn’t pay much attention to her, and they ended up going their separate ways. The past is the past. Time to stop being afraid and start being brave. She thought, gathering up her courage.

He watched as her as she stopped in front of him, her lips opened as if to speak. He held his breath dreading the words that would come. He has been hurt before by those that he had cared about, but he would be brave for her. No more going backward. He thought determinedly, standing up as straight as he could.

She watched as his face pale slightly and she suddenly felt scared that she might push him away as she had unwittingly done before. Banishing the thought away she took a breath and said, “I got your message.” He nodded before saying, “Yes, thank you for coming. Before I start telling you everything, maybe you should sit down.” He said, gesturing to the couch.

After sitting down, he then proceeded to tell her the truth. She listened intently, hanging onto every word as her brain put all the pieces together. When he showed her what he actually looked like, her eyes went wide with shock. He was telling the truth the entire time. She thought. How could I be so blind? “Was it painful?” She asked gently.

He nodded and said, “It was painful at first, but now it’s just a dull pain that I feel every now and then.” She reached out a hand and touched his cheek, her eyes glistened with tears. “Why are you crying?” He asked, feeling that he had done something to upset her. “I’m crying because I’m angry at your father. How could he do this to you?” He felt his own eyes sting as he took in her words. No one had shown him this much compassion in his entire existence.

Just then, her phone started to ring and the tender moment was broken. “It’s work, I have to go.” She said apologetically as she got up to leave. Feeling brave, he asked, “Will I see you at work later?” She hesitated for a moment and he thought that she is rejecting him. Who would want to work with a monster? Sensing his dejection, she put a hand under his chin and made him look up at her. “I’ll see you later at work, okay?” She said with a smile. “Of course, darling.” He said, returning her smile with one of his own as she made her way back to the elevator.