Okay, I know what you’re thinking. It’s just like that game where the guy breaks everything in sight while another guy runs around and fixes it. Well, let me tell you that this is nothing like the game. Why? Because when Wreck-it-Mick breaks something, it can never be repaired. Even by some Saturnalia miracle that it is, it will end up broken even more. Trust me, I know. I’m the person running around fixing what he broke and let me tell you, it’s not the easiest job in the world.

“Hey, Kiana! Nice day isn’t it?” A neighbour lady said to me as I came out of my townhouse. “Yes, Mrs. Norwell! It’s a beautiful day!” I replied, a polite smile on my face. As soon as I descended the steps, the smile disappeared and a grimace appeared on my countenance. “Another day of wrecking, another day of fixing,” I mumbled as I made my way through the bustling city with one destination in mind: Wreck-it-Mick’s house. Heaving a heavy sigh, I relented to my fate and raised a hand to knock on the dark grey door. A couple of minutes passed before the door opened to reveal a large, burly man in his early thirties. His hair stuck out every which way as if he just woke up. Stubble dotted his chin like a badly shaved beard.

I plastered a smile on my face as I gazed up at him. “Morning, Mick, what have you got for me today?” Mick grunted and turned to go inside. Moments later, he returned with a fruit brand phone and a power bank in his hands. “I couldn’t charge the phone,” he said, handing me the devices. “Fix it for me.” Taking the two electronics from him, I informed him that I will make the repairs and give it back to him in the morning. What I didn’t know was that I would be unable to fix the devices no matter how hard I tried. I stayed up all night attempting to fix what Mick broke but as soon as I figured out how, another issue would arise.

The next day, Mick called to ask how the repairs are coming along. “I need my power bank, Kiana. Can’t charge the phone without it.” He said into the phone. “I know, Mick, but it’s taking longer than I thought. I tried all that I could, but I can’t fix it for you. I’m sorry.” Silence emitted from the receiver as Mick’s voice crackled through. “Aren’t you supposed to be the best fixer-upper in the city? Why can’t you repair a power bank and a cell phone?” He asked. I felt anger rise up from within as Micks’ words entered my brain. I haven’t slept a wink last night because I had to fix what he destroyed and now he’s blaming me? Well, I’ll show HIM what being the best fixer-upper means. Reaching for my hammer, I raised it above my head and yelled, “It’s fix-it time!”

Just Desserts

“Kalenia, I need you to track someone down for me,” Lucy said, breaking the demoness’ concentration. The Devil’s right-hand woman is trying to master how to use a longsword. She had seen it in a drama/fantasy film and was fascinated by the shiny steel weapon that was used by the main characters.

Letting out a frustrated huff, the blue butterfly demoness put the sword back in its sheath. “Who is it this time, Lucy? I may be under your command, but I still play by my own rules.” The fallen angel rolled her eyes. “I know that Kalenia,” Lucy said exasperatedly. “I told you as much when I created you that you have free will. Now, will you please help me track down a human?” Kalenia nodded, crossing her arms across her chest, signalling her Mistress to give her the details.

“This miscreant is an acquaintance of Asanashia’s. She has taken advantage of her kindness and I want her punished for it. Track her down and bring her here. I have something special planned for our permanent guest.” Lucy finished a devilish smirk on her face. Kalenia smirked in return as she transformed into her butterfly form and went to retrieve said acquaintance.

A couple of hours later, the demoness returned to the penthouse in her human form. A petite, black-haired female struggled to get out of Kalenia’s iron grip but did not succeed. “Let me go! I didn’t do anything to offend you! Why are you treating me like a common criminal?” The blue butterfly demoness chuckled darkly and gave the squeaky-voiced female a glare that would make both Lucy and Asanashia proud.

“Listen here, you sorry-arse excuse for a woman, you have done someone very near and dear to me a great wrong and now the Devil is going to help her right that wrong.” Fear flashed across the woman’s eyes. “No, please! I didn’t mean to! Really I didn’t!” Kalenia paid no mind to her pleas, instead, she brought her inside the penthouse where the Queen of Hell is waiting.

“Here’s the person you’re looking for, Lucy.” The demoness said, pushing the woman forward, causing her to fall onto her knees. The latter cried out in pain as her kneecaps came in contact with the hard marble tiles. Lucy looked down at the woman, her eyes flashing red with Hellfire. “You, my dear, have been a very naughty girl. Are you prepared to face the consequences of your actions?” Trembling, the woman slowly raised her head and gazed into the flaming orbs of the Devil herself.

“I…I have d..done n…nothing wr…rong,” she said, her voice shaking with each word. Lucy’s eyes burned brighter as rage overtook her. “How dare you lie to me, you insolent human! Do you know who you are speaking to?!” The Lady of Hell exclaimed. Overcome with cowardice, the woman bowed her head, unable to maintain eye contact with the former Princess of Darkness. Still seething, Lucy bent down to the woman’s level and whispered, “You took advantage of the kindness of a dear friend of mine so now, you will get your just desserts.” The woman let out a blood-curdling scream as the Devil sent her soul down into Hell.

Hell’s Tenant

“Atrocious, simply atrocious!” Asanashia exclaimed angrily as she landed on Lucy’s balcony. The Devil raised a curious eyebrow. “Where’s the fire, Love? I thought I was the one with the fiery temper.” Lucy said, trying to lighten the mood. The vampiress, however, did not find the humour in her friend’s words.

“That person deserves to suffer for eternity in Hell!” Asanashia seethed. She then looked at the fallen angel and said apologetically, “Sorry, didn’t mean to take over your old job.” The former Princess of Darkness chuckled. “It’s perfectly fine. I suppose I do miss torturing those unfortunate souls but it really does get boring and tedious after a few millennia,” Lucy said, a wistful expression on her face. “Now, enough about my glorious past, tell me what has gotten you so worked up.” Letting out a sigh, the vampiress began telling her tale.

“You know I live in a house big enough for a small family,” The Queen of Hell nodded and Asanashia continued. “I recently had an acquaintance stay with me because she is heading to a new job out on the East Coast. Instead of paying for a hotel room, I told her I have a spare room that she could crash in.” The vampiress then rubbed her temples, attempting to quell the rising anger within her.

“When it was time for her to leave, I offered to buy brunch for her before she goes on her way. After we came back to the house, I went to the guest room to see if everything’s been put back the way that it was. I didn’t take a closer look and told her that it‘s fine.” At this, Asanashia put her face in her hands, her large Pegasus wings drooping as her shoulders sagged.

“Then what happened after that acquaintance of yours left?” Lucy inquired. “I went to check the room again and found that she never thoroughly cleaned it. The bathroom is filthy and I also found clothes along with leftover food in the trash cans in my backyard. She even threw away recyclables and tech accessories in the yard waste bin.” The Lady of Hell’s eyes widened in shock, unable to comprehend that a person such as this exists.

“That is beyond atrocious!” Lucy breathed, getting angry herself. “I’ll have Kalenia track her down and let’s see how well she fares as a permanent tenant in her own Hell Cell.” The former Lightbringer’s eyes then flashed red, her mind conjuring up various scenarios in which to teach the vampiress’s acquaintance a lesson she would never forget. 

The Truth in the Lie

“Lucy, have you ever told a lie?” Asanashia asked suddenly. The vampiress was visiting the Devil in Sin City, helping her and Detective Stanton solve a case. The victim was a fake psychic who conned her clients out of thousands of dollars. The LVPD have a few leads but seem to lead nowhere fast.

The former Lightbringer scoffed. “I have never lied in my entire existence!” Lucy exclaimed, offended that one of her closest friends would even ask her such a thing. “Not even by omission?” The vampiress inquired with a perfectly raised eyebrow, knowing full well that the fallen angel has done so more times than she could count. At this, the Queen of Hell’s cheeks turned crimson. “Well, yes, but I would never outright tell a lie. I’m a Devil of my word after all.” Lucy said, turning her attention back to the case file that she brought home with her to look into further. A minute or two passed before the former Princess of Darkness asked a question of her own. “Why are you asking me if I have ever told a lie?”

Asanashia shrugged and replied, “I was thinking of the time my governess made up a guessing game. She would make me tell her three statements, two would be true and one would be false. She would then attempt to figure out which two statements out of the three is the true statement.” Intrigued, the Lady of Hell closed the case file and went to join her friend in the library where said friend has her nose deeply buried in a book.

“Can we play? I promise not to deceive.” Lucy suggested, hoping with all her soul, if the Devil has one, that the vampiress would agree to her request. Asanashia thought for a moment and a wide, toothy smile graced her beautiful features. “Of course we can play, just don’t go using your powers of persuasion on me because I will not tell you anything.” The Ruler of Hell rolled her eyes in annoyance. “You and Detective Stanton are never going to let me live that one down, now are you?” The vampiress didn’t reply, instead, she gave her friend another toothy grin, as if telling her “Nope.”

“I love cats, I despise liars, and I binge-watch shows more than I should,” Lucy said. Asanashia let out a pfft. “That’s too easy! You hate cats with a passion, excluding myself of course. So the two true statements are that you despise liars and binge-watch shows more than you should.” The Devil slow clapped, a smirk appeared on her face. “I actually gave you an easy one to start,” Lucy said. “Didn’t want to make you think too hard.” The vampiress gave her friend the side-eye, irked that Lucy would give her easy statements. “Come on, Lucy, give me some hard ones!” Asanashia pleaded. “Fine, but don’t go blaming me if you can’t figure out which ones are true.” Getting impatient, the vampiress waved her hand, telling the Devil to get on with it. Taking a breath, the fallen angel stated her three statements. “I loathe my Father, I never want to go back to Hell, and I’m in love with Nicolas.”

Rainy Escapade

It didn’t come as a shock. I knew it was coming. The smell of wet earth hit my nostrils as drop after drop came down from the darkening sky. I love the rain, don’t get me wrong, but my main concern is not getting soaked to the bone. My only worry is getting within the four walls of my warm home.

A bright fuschia umbrella laid in the confines of my purple messenger bag, silently begging me to take it out and use it. I ignored its pleas and put my cloak hood on to protect my cat ears and hair. The rest of the cloak ruffled and swayed with the bombarding wind. My Pegasus wings were tucked away using a spell, so I don’t have to stand in the bathroom for hours on end blowdrying them.

Suddenly, a raindrop made its way onto my cheek, as if telling me to quicken my pace or be prepared to get wet. I looked up and squinted, trying to get a better look. The roof of my house is barely visible through the falling rain, but I knew that it’s just up ahead. “Alright, only a couple of blocks to go,” I muttered. “Come on, Asanashia, you can make it!” I said, putting whatever strength I had left into my legs, propelling them forward.

I managed to get to the gate as thunder rumbled in the distance, signalling the start of what is going to be the storm of the century. Quickly going through the metal gate, I all but ran toward the steps of the house, going up two at a time. Relief washed over me as the adrenaline dissipated, replacing it with soreness and exhaustion. “That’s what I get for overexerting myself battling that rock golem,” I mumbled, reaching into my pants pocket for my house keys. Upon finding said keys, I unlocked the door and went inside, making sure to wipe my feet on the mat outside so no mud or leaves will dirty up the floors.

Chanting a spell under my breath, my cloak levitated from my shoulders like a certain doctor’s and hung on the coatrack. I then took off my boots one by one and put them against the mahogany storage bench that Lucy gave me as a housewarming gift. Letting out an inaudible sigh, I made my way to the kitchen to make myself a cup of cocoa. Stirring the drink mix with a spoon, I took a small sip of the drink, warming up every part of my cold, semi-drenched body. Sitting down on the couch, I glanced outside the window as raindrops battered against it, glad that I have a roof over my head and not getting caught in the rain.