No Life

Words repeated over and over,

To the point of self-explosion.

Not wanting to hear any more,

Of what is already known.

Eyes rolling subtly,

Hoping no one had seen it.

Irritation morphs to anger,

As voices continue their vicious taunts.

Stop saying I have no life,

Because I’m living it.

Unusual Acquaintance

They had met by chance. She was returning from work and the other was coming from who knows where. She engaged in polite conversation with the person sitting beside her as the bus left the station, responding accordingly to whatever the lady was saying. Truth be told, she would rather ride in silence while she listened to her playlist, yet the woman wouldn’t stop talking about matters that aren’t of great importance. Conversations between strangers should be short and sweet. Maybe a couple of sentences here and there but it shouldn’t be more than that.

The second time that they crossed paths was just yesterday. She didn’t have her earbuds given that she had already used them at work for 8 hours and wanted to give her eardrums a break. There were no seats left on the bus so she had no choice but to sit next to the lady that she had no intention of bumping into again. Heaving an inaudible sigh, she made her way toward her and sat down, praying to whatever deity that would listen to at least grant her the peace and quiet that she desperately wanted. Unfortunately, her mental prayers were left unanswered as the lady began launching into one of her Tales of Woe.

She tried to zone her out with white noise but the lady kept babbling, negating the effects of the white noise. Picking up on bits and pieces, she dropped in polite responses so that the woman thinks that she’s paying attention when in reality, her mind is focusing elsewhere, not in the mood to play 20 Questions with someone that she barely knows.

When the middle-aged lady from the small island next to China (the same place that she herself is originally from) finally got off the bus, she breathed a sigh of relief. As the bus drove on toward the next stop, she looked out the window and thought: I hope that I won’t have to bump into that lady a third time. I don’t want to walk home from the next skytrain station while carrying a heavy bag on my shoulder.

My Story

Diana Prince sat on a red polyester chair outside the offices of Warner Brothers Entertainment. She was aware that she hadn’t changed her clothes since she landed in Los Angeles but she didn’t care. All she cared about was finding out what was going on. The producer had called her, saying that they want to turn her life story into a movie. At first, the Amazonian Princess was hesitant, given that she was adamant about keeping her private life private but the producer assured her that they wouldn’t reveal everything about her past.

When the producer finally walked out, Diana looked up at him with a curious expression on her beautiful face.“You’re not going to believe who agreed to play you in the movie,” the producer said, his voice giddy with excitement. Diana said nothing except raised a perfect eyebrow. “What, no guesses?” The producer asked, incredulous. The Amazonian Princess only looked at him, her arms crossed on her chest.

“It’s Gal Gadot! Isn’t it great?” The producer said, his giddiness returning. “Do the people at DC Comics know about her playing me in the film?” Diana asked, rising to her feet. “Yes, they do, I just called them a few minutes ago actually to tell them about the casting. They were quite happy with the decision.” The producer said as he reached into his inner suit pocket and pulled out a check. He then handed it to Diana whose eyes went wide at the amount that was written on it. The Amazonian Princess then gave the check back to the producer, telling him that she can’t accept such a large sum of money.

“Think of it as a donation to the museum. You do require funding for that don’t you?” The producer said matter-of-factly, not taking the check back from her. Diana thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that the money could help the museum acquire artifacts more easily. Folding the check, she put it inside her armour and expressed her thanks to the producer. As she turned to leave, she informed the producer that if she sees more than what was agreed upon, then he must be ready to face the consequences. The producer nodded and the Amazonian Princess exited the office to go back to the hotel so she can find out more about this Gal Gadot.


She was anything but subtle and elegant. In her mind, she was the epitome of grace and beauty much like the late Princess Diana but in reality, it was the complete opposite. She wore a shimmery burgundy fit and flare off-shoulder gown that cut just above her ankles and a pair of 3-inch black stiletto heels while her date wore the traditional black tuxedo. They were attending one of the most exclusive events in the entertainment industry and should she make a fool of herself, it would be on the front page of every gossip magazine and website out there.

Things were going quite well until she had to get up on stage to present the next award. She tried to glide up the stairs to the backstage area with one hand hitching up her skirt when she made the mistake of looking over her shoulder to smile lovingly at her date. Her left foot missed the second to last step and she fell forward, sending her plummeting toward the unforgiving stairs below. Reaching out her hands, she tried to break her fall but landed awkwardly on her side. Blushing crimson with embarrassment, she allowed herself to be helped up by the hosts who had rushed over to see if she’s alright. Once she was standing upright again, she finished making her way backstage.

Moments later, the emcee announced the presenter for the next category and she made her way toward the microphone. “If any of you recorded that and sent it to AFV, make sure to give me a share of the $10,000,” she said good-naturedly. Sparse laughter was heard as she continued with her remarks. “Congratulations to those who have been nominated and may the best win.” She then carefully opened the envelope slowly to raise the dramatic tension and saw the name of the recipient.

A smile appeared on her face as she announced the winner of the award. Thunderous applause broke out as the recipient made their way to the stage to accept the award. When the person ascended the stairs, she was hit with a sense of déjà vu as she watched the person trip and fall onto the steps. She may be anything but subtle and elegant but it’s nice when it happens to someone else.

The Check

“Is this your check?” My mother texted one afternoon while I was at work. I clicked on the photo and there, clear as day, is a check with my name crossed out and his name written beside it made out to an instructor at a local gym near our house.

How dare he! I seethed, my anger rising to its boiling point. If I had superpowers, I would use it to blast that idiot that I call a brother to Kingdom Come. He had pulled stunts like this in the past where he takes something that doesn’t belong to him without asking and does whatever he wants with it. Usually, it’s devices like a camcorder or a CD player-radio, but this time, he has gone too far. Half of me wanted to call him up and give him a piece of my mind, but I remembered that I’m at the office and it would not be wise for me to get into a yelling match over the phone. Pushing my anger aside, I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down as best I could.

When five o’clock rolled around, I left the office still thinking about what happened. My anger then returned with a vengeance as I pulled out my phone and dialled a familiar number. “Hello?” Came a male voice from the other end when the call was answered. “What. Did. You. Fucking. Do?” I asked through gritted teeth while making my way to the skytrain station.

“What do you mean?” My brother asked, confusion evident in his voice. If this were a scene from an animated series, my head would blow like a volcano erupting. “Quit playing dumb with me! You know perfectly well what I mean!” A scoff came from the other end as my brother gave a reply that almost made me want to reach through the phone and strangle him.

“So I took one of your checks, big deal. At least I didn’t take Mom’s.” Heaving a frustrated sigh, I pinched the bridge of my nose and said with as much patience as I can muster, “It doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t take something that doesn’t belong to you. Especially if it’s money-related.” Silence came from the other end as my brother didn’t reply.

“How would you feel if I took one of your checks without your permission and used it to pay for something that I wanted? I bet you would be as mad as I am right now.” More silence greeted me as my brother refused to respond. I then told him that I will talk to him about this some more when I get home and ended the call. As I entered the station, a nagging thought came to my mind: Did he throw the check away? If so, did he rip it up? If not, what if someone finds it and tries to cash it? What will happen then?


He had told her to stay in the car, but she, being the stubborn woman that she is, refused to listen. As soon as he got out to join the team, she quietly slipped out to satisfy her curiosity. The moment that she left the safety of the van, all hell broke loose. The suspect that they were after had her in his line of sight, one wrong move and she’ll be turned into Swiss cheese. Raising her hand up in surrender, she tried not to let the fear show in her eyes as she stared down the barrel of a gun.

“You’re with the FBI aren’t you?” The suspect said his finger on the trigger of the weapon. She was about to open her mouth to respond when she heard someone yell. “Put down your gun and place your hands on your head!” The perp let out a mirthless chuckle and said, “Why should I listen to you? All I have to do is pull the trigger and shoot this lovely agent here and make my escape. By the time you get her to the hospital, I would be long gone and you would have to track me down all over again.” He then turned his attention back to her and just as he was going to pull said trigger, someone leapt in front of her, saving her from the bullet that would’ve ended her life.

“No!!!” She screamed as she watched her partner fall onto the ground, blood oozing from the wound created by the bullet. The perp sneered as nearby agents swarmed in and arrested him for the crime that he committed and for shooting a federal agent. She dropped to her knees and went over to her fallen partner. Putting his head in her lap, she asked him through her tears why he had to do what he did.

“I had to protect you,” he said, his strength slowly leaving him. “I should have told you how I felt instead of running away like a coward.” She put a finger on his lips and told him to stop talking. “I know,” she whispered, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. “I feel the same way,” she said with a watery smile. He gave her one of his charming grins and closed his eyes for the last time. She held onto his lifeless body as she sobbed, repeating over and over that it should’ve been her.