Letting Go

I stared up at the ceiling in the darkened bedroom. Memories of the steamy and passionate night before came flooding to the forefront of my mind. Sleeping with him was a rash decision. The most careless one I have ever made in my entire adult life. It was impulsive, but it was the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. He was gentle, loving and caring, putting my needs before his. It has been a long time since I felt this cherished. I didn’t want to cross the line, and like a lovesick fool, I crossed it and never looked back.

“Leave him now before it’s too late,” My mind suddenly said.”He’s only going to break your heart.” My mind went on. “Men like him aren’t interested in a relationship. They only want one thing, and once they get it, they will move on to the next beautiful woman and leave you behind to pick up the pieces.” It finished.

How can I? I thought, barely listening to a word my mind was saying. I love him. Even if he doesn’t feel the same way, I will still have feelings for him. Love is indeed blind, and I do not care. It’s true that when I first met him, I immediately disliked him. Though after getting to know him, I know that he is a good man with a big heart. He has had many people grace his bed; I am well aware of that. Despite that, I want nothing more than to stay by his side, but my insecurities keep gnawing away at me. He cares deeply for me yes, will he still do so if I were to tell him my feelings?

Sighing, I decided to listen to my mind’s advice and end things with him. Besides, he would never want to be in a relationship with someone like me anyway. I thought bitterly. He can have any woman he wants. Ones that are tall, leggy, and beautiful, not short, lanky and average. I could feel my heart breaking as I gently pried his arm off of me and carefully slid off the bed without making a sound. Putting my clothes back on, I padded over to the door and picked up my shoes. Taking one last longing glance at him, I made my way out of his apartment. As I quietly closed the door behind me and got into the elevator, I whispered, “Be happy.”


Hidden Desires

He asked her what she wanted. A simple question thrown into the air, waiting for a response. He could see her sparkling sea-green eyes turn a shade darker as she sauntered up to him, her hips swaying in the way that sent a shock of pleasure down his spine. She is finally succumbing to my charms. He thought as a smoldering smirk made its way across his handsome features as the object of his desires gets closer and closer. 

She stopped just in front of him and leaned in so that she’s pressed up against him. Her soft touch made his stomach tie itself in knots as he tried to squelch his growing arousal. She played with a button on his shirt and gazed deep into his eyes. He desperately wanted to wrap his arms around her slender figure and close the gap between them in an earth-shattering lip-lock but held back to avoid pushing her away. He almost lost her once when she was taken hostage by a cat-eared, Pegasus-winged vampiress with telekinetic powers, and he’s not going to lose her again.

“I want,” She said breathlessly into his ear. Yes? What do you want, darling? He thought, his mind conjuring up passionate scenarios with the two of them tangled in the sheets. His eyes glazed over with lust as he waited with as much patience as he could muster for her reply.”I want you to go to Starbucks and get me a Mocha Latte.” She said, grinning wide at the prospect of seeing the expression of pure shock on his face. All thoughts of making Shakespeare’s beast with two backs receded into the corners of his mind. He stared at her, mouth agape and eyes as wide as saucers.

“Coffee?” He asked after a moment. “Wouldn’t you rather have something more decadent?” He pressed a suggestive smirk in place. She fought the urge to roll her eyes as she backed away from him, taking the warm heat of her body with her. “Nope. I just want a nice cup of coffee. There’s paperwork to be done, and I don’t want to make a mistake.” She said nonchalantly. Huffing, he gave her an annoyed glance before turning on his heel to do what she asked. Oh, you little Minx. You’ll pay for that!

Distracting a Vampiress

“Out of all the places we could have gone, why did it have to be a zoo? You know how I feel about cages.” Asanashia grumbled, remembering the time when she was working for a traveling circus. Everyone treated her like a freak. Even the patrons who would visit the circus when they rolled into town.

“I know exactly how you feel about cages, Asanashia,” Kalenia said as she walked ahead of the vampiress toward the White-tailed Deer. “At least try to enjoy yourself while we’re here.” The demoness had been tasked by Lucy to take the cat-eared, Pegasus-winged vampiress somewhere to keep her occupied until the evening. “Don’t tell her about the surprise, Kalenia, or there will be consequences,” Lucy had said, flashing her flaming orbs. The blue butterfly demoness nodded, not willing to endure the Devil’s wrath. Lucy can be scary when she wants to be. Not that I’m afraid or anything. Kalenia mused as she moved on from the deer and walked along the path toward the cheetahs.

A few hours ago…

Where do you take a vampiress that’s been pretty much everywhere? The demoness thought as she racked her brain. She then saw a  brightly colored brochure on Lucy’s coffee table. It was a zoo in Vancouver, Canada. Ooo! I’ve always wanted to go to Canada! Kalenia thought excitedly. “That’s where I will take Asanashia! Hope she has gotten over the time where she was kept in a cage like an animal at that traveling circus.” Decision made, the demoness picked up the phone and dialed Asanashia’s number.

The vampiress met up with Kalenia on the outskirts of the city of Vancouver a couple of hours after the latter had called. Asanashia landed with fluid grace and greeted the demoness with a hug. “Hey, Kalenia! It’s been a while! How have you been?” Kalenia shrugged and said, “Eh, can’t complain. I found a job recently helping the Las Vegas Police Department catch notorious criminals for money. I can technically get my own place, but Lucy said that I could stay in the apartment below the penthouse for as long as I want.”

Asanashia was surprised to hear that her friend has an apartment below her luxurious penthouse. Then again, she is the Devil. I’m sure that a couple of favors were involved. The vampiress thought. “So where are we going?” Asanashia asked. “You’ll see when we get there,” Kalenia said with a wink before changing to her butterfly form and fluttered off into the air. “I hope it’s somewhere with no cages,” The vampiress said under her breath as she unfurled her wings and took off after the demoness.

Why I Write

I think Gloria Steinem said it best: “Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” It’s a part of me and always will be. No power on Earth can ever change that. Not to get all biblical or anything, I’m not religious, but choices have consequences. I knew that if I were to fully pursue this as a career/passion, then I would have to face whatever hardships that come my way. There have been many as I try to make a name for myself and I have come to accept the results of my actions. 

I was not born to write like most of the writers and authors out there. I did not pick up a pen before I could walk and talk. I write because I wanted an outlet for my emotions. I can’t express all of them so writing everything down was a way for me to smooth out my feathers as it were. I write because scenes are playing in my mind that are begging to be put down into words. Sometimes it’s not the best scene in the world, but it’s better than staring at a blank page for hours on end. I write to escape from reality, even for a moment where I can be in my own world, creating whatever I want and not let the chaos and destruction of the real world get under my skin.

A piece of advice to other aspiring writers who are chasing the same writing dream I am: never give up and keep on writing. There will be people who will tell you over and over that it will take years before you even gain the slightest amount of fame. I should know, I get enough of that from my family. That’s perfectly fine. Tongues are made to wag after all. Once you have reached that finish line, everything that you have done and sacrificed will have been well worth it. I still have a long way to go if I want the world to know that I am a writer and I am good at my craft. One thing’s for sure: writing is what I do best, and I will never stop doing it. My name is Tiffany C. Lockhart, and I am a fiction writer.

Soul Mark

Her parents have told her the story more times than she could count. “I found your father because we have a tiny mark below our right eye. A small crescent moon. It’s called a soul mark.” Her mother told her as she tucked her into bed one night. “Do I have a soul mark too, Mama?” The girl asked, her eyelids beginning to close. Her mother smiled gently and said, “Of course, honey. Everyone has a soul mark. That way, they can find their soulmates later in life.” The little girl yawned sleepily before asking her mother, “What does my soul mark look like?” Her mother sighed and kissed her daughter on the top of her head. “You’ll find out soon enough sweetie. Now go to sleep, you have school in the morning.”

The next day, the girl was sitting on the swings during recess when she noticed that she was being watched. Various pairs of eyes were focused on her and voices whispered words that she could not make out. One of the teachers who was helping to keep an eye on the students came over and said, “What’s going on? Why aren’t you kids playing?” One of the kids then pointed at the girl and said, “She has eagle wings, Ms. Kaine!” The teacher then turned her head toward the girl on the swings and gasped in shock. Two dark brown eagle wings sprouted from the girl’s back. They were still new, and the flight feathers haven’t come in yet. The teacher used all of her willpower not to faint and calmly walked toward the girl, telling her to go with her to the principal’s office.

“We have to do something about the wings, Mr. Shalton. It’s not normal for a child to have wings let alone bird wings.” Ms. Kaine said to the principal. The girl sat on the bench outside, waiting to be called in. She heard every word coming from the office and tears stung the back of her eyes. Why can’t I be normal like everyone else? She thought as her wings drooped. The girl looked at her wings with anguish and started pulling the feathers out bit by bit. White hot pain shot through her but she didn’t care. She kept pulling and pulling until her wings were completely bare. A small pile of feathers gathered on the floor around her feet as she finally let the tears flow.

Years went by, and the little girl grew into a beautiful young woman. Her long hair tied into a braid, stopping just above the small of her back. She stepped into the shower and turned on the water to just the right temperature. As she cleaned herself, she was careful to avoid the two crescent-moon-shaped scars on her back. Her parents had decided to amputate the wings after they had taken her home from school that day. Relief flooded through the girl as she recovered in the hospital. Yet she couldn’t shake the fact that a part of her is missing. At least I will be normal now. She mused, not knowing that somewhere out there a young man is going through the same thing she is.