Change of Heart

The bullet travelled through the air at top speed, but it never hit its intended target. Once the gun was fired, Asanashia took action and created a barrier around Angeline and Norrington, shielding them from Christina Black’s attack. Christina was beyond shocked to see that her shot did not injure the person who in her mind, stole her happiness away from her and that her assassin for hire was protecting them.

Miss. Black turned to face Asanashia, anger blinding her from the truth and said through gritted teeth, “How dare you? You are to only obey my orders, not grow a conscience!” Asanashia didn’t flinch or cower at the harsh words that are being spoken to her, for the vampiress knew that if she let her emotions take control, all hell would break loose and her employer would get the brunt of it.

She put her hands on her hips, took a deep breath, and turned to face the scorned woman, “You only told me to kidnap that woman so that you can take back what you think is yours; but from what I can see, nothing belongs to you. He loves his wife, not you. I did what I did because I do not wish to harm or kill anyone unless I have to and I am no one’s attack dog. I was blind to have tried to blast that energy ball at the woman whom you hate so much just so you can take her husband away from her and claim him as your own.”

Christina growled, stomping her foot on the ground like a spoiled little girl who doesn’t get what she wanted. The worst-dressed woman in the world then spun on her heels and stormed off toward her carriage; but before she could get one foot into the coach, an angry male voice stopped her. “Christina Evelyn Black, you have crossed a line that you should never have crossed, and for that, you will pay for what you have done to Angeline! I swear it!” Norrington said, delivering his ultimatum. Christina gave Norrington a death glare that would have made Asanashia proud and got into the carriage, yelling at the driver to take her home.

Norrington then finished untying Angeline from the boulder, and the two embraced in complete and utter relief. Norrington then let go of his wife and turned to face Asanashia. “Thank you for not harming my wife and for saving us from Miss. Black’s fury.” Asanashia flashed Norrington a toothy smile and said, “No need to thank me, Sir. I am deeply sorry for kidnapping your wife. I needed the money.” The vampiress said sheepishly. “No apology necessary, Miss…?” Norrington said, drifting off mid-sentence. “Renoir, Asanashia Renoir,” Asanashia said. “Thank you, Miss. Renoir. If it’s money you seek, come with us, and I will work out a decent sum with my steward.” Norrington offered.

Asanashia chuckled softly as she shook her head. “I’d rather not, Sir. I have caused you enough inconveniences for one day. I’ll get my payment from Miss. Black since she was the one who employed me.” The vampiress said. “Indeed,” Norrington said as he led his wife toward his horse. He helped her up into the saddle and then got on the horse himself. Norrington then took the reins, and as he was about to turn the horse around in the direction of the estate, he turned to Asanashia and said, “Thank you for letting my Angeline live, Miss. Renoir. I would not know what would happen should I lose her.”

“I understand, Sir. May we never cross paths again.” Asanashia said with a smirk. Norrington chuckled and smiled for the first time since the whole ordeal. “I wholeheartedly agree. Adieu, Miss. Renoir.” Norrington said, spurring his horse to gallop towards home. “Adieu, Sir.” The vampiress said softly before taking to the skies, leaving the tension-filled clearing quiet once more.



I’ve often thought that sometimes it’s better to live in fantasy than deal with reality. I know it sounds far-fetched, but given everything that’s happened in the world, I think we all deserve to have a place where we can forget about the worries and chaos of reality.

We all dream of finding that perfect job and earning decent money. That once we got it, we would never let it go until the very end. The reality of it is, though jobs are hard to obtain, it’s quite easy to lose it when you least expect it. I’ve worked various odd jobs in my long life, sometimes I don’t even get paid. Yes, I complained once or twice about not having more work to do so I can be productive, but at least I have something to remind me that things are not as bad as they seem. I hold onto this hope, however minuscule, that things will work out after everything had gone down the drain. It might take a long time before that happens, but I have to believe that it will or else I may as well give up now and submit to the fate that was planned out for me instead of going down my own path.

I want to believe that I am able to define myself rather than let a mapped out future tell me who I am supposed to be. That’s why I immerse myself in a world where I can be who I want to be and perhaps even a stronger version of myself. Where I can do anything with the utmost confidence instead of second-guessing everything at every turn, fearful of making a mistake and then get reprimanded for it. I suppose you can say that it’s my shining light in my world of darkness. Cheesy, I know, but it’s the truth.

Do I feel angry that things never tend to go my way? Of course. Do I feel disappointed that I had a chance to be my own person, but it was taken away from me before I could even blink? Definitely. Will I ever give up this pipe dream notion that someday I will get to where I want to be? Not a chance in Hell. Trust me, I know what Hell is like. I’m best friends with its Queen.


The door of the carriage coach opened to reveal a woman wearing the most hideous gown ever made. It was like something had chewed up something else and then regurgitated to form the dress that the woman is now wearing, though the lady might say that it’s the highest form of fashion in Town and would look down anyone’s nose should they say otherwise.

The woman took out her fan, and Norrington’s eyes widened in shock as he recognized the fan’s design and only one person in his acquaintance have that specific type of fan. Anger started to bubble up from within him as he mentally berated the woman for doing something like this. “If she thinks that I will divorce Angeline and marry her, she is poorly mistaken! I will never part from my Angeline, not now, not ever!” Norrington silently vowed as the woman came closer and closer.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Mr. Norrington?” The woman said in an annoying, simpering voice. “Have you come to rescue your darling wife?” The woman asked, spitting out the word ‘wife’ with a hint of jealousy and anger. “Well you’re not going to succeed, My Love, for I have other plans for your precious Angeline.” The woman finished with a smirk. “I will not let that happen, Miss. Black! If you think you have the power to take Angeline from me, you are quite mistaken!” Norrington roared.

“I have never shown an interest to you! I only put up with your constant flirtations because Christopher is my friend! Cease this nonsense at once and release Angeline!” Norrington ordered. Miss. Black felt enraged that Norrington did not have any romantic feelings for her and directed all of her hate and jealousy toward Angeline Fox. “It’s all her fault for stealing my Mr. Norrington away from me! I will make sure that this peasant never sees the light of day again!” Miss. Black vowed. “Asanashia, blast this country chit to the deepest part of Hell!” Christina commanded as she pointed at Angeline with a bony finger.

Asanashia then raised her hand, and a ball of blue light started to form, filled with robust and raw power meant to harm a human being. The vampiress was about to fire the energy ball at Angeline when a voice shouted “NO!” Asanashia quickly pulled her hand away as if it was holding a hot potato and hurled the energy ball into the sky.

Christina Black looked on in horror as Norrington stood in front of Angeline with his arms outstretched in a protective stance with a look of determination on his face. “So, he’s still willing to put his life on the line for that country bumpkin? We’ll just see about that!” Christina mentally seethed. The jealousy-consumed woman then took out a hunting rifle from the saddle bag that she carried with her, aimed it at Angeline and fired.

In The Shadows

She watched as people milled about in the Las Vegas Police Department. Her mind focused on one thing: To find out what the devious human scum sitting in the interrogation room truly desired. Then use that against him as she escorts his soul to Hell. It’s one thing to taunt the Devil; it’s another thing to kidnap her and dump her in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

When she woke up in the sand-filled place hours later, she discovered that her clothes were gone. All she had on her sunburned body is her underwear and a crimson bra. Least they left me my wings. Lucy mused as she pushed herself up from the ground. Her legs felt wobbly as she tried to stand.

Holding out her arms for balance, the fallen angel managed to right herself without falling face first onto the sandy ground. Staring up at the blazing desert sun, the Queen of Hell wondered two things, one, who had the gall to kidnap her and why? Two, how long has she been missing and is Detective Stanton looking for her? Hungry, exhausted, and dehydrated, the former Princess of Darkness used one of her wings to shield her from the harsh rays of the sun, hoping that her Nicolas would come for her.

Snapping out of her thoughts, the Ruler of Hell quickly strode toward the interrogation room, Lucy slipped in undetected. Closing the door quietly, she turned to face the man that dared to kidnap the Devil. Her hazelnut brown eyes glowed red with hellfire as she got closer and closer like a lioness stalking her prey. “I once made you a promise. That I would find out what you really desired and then take it away from you.” Lucy said, her voice low and threatening. “I’m not one to break a promise, so look into my eyes and tell me, what do you desire?”

The man remained in his spot as the Lady of Hell’s command fell on deaf ears. Growing angry and agitated, Lucy roared, “Look at me, you fucking bastard! Show me that dark and twisted soul of yours!” The man then raised his head and gazed at the former Lightbringer. Shocked filled her as Lucy’s fiery orbs rescinded to a hazelnut brown when two bloody sockets stared back at her. An evil smirk appeared on his face as he leaned forward and whispered, “Now you will never know what I want. My secrets will be forever hidden in the shadows.”


“All that matters, My Love, is that you are safe,” Norrington said as he started to untie the ropes that kept Angeline bound to the boulder. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind came out of nowhere, blowing blades of emerald green grass every which way. A winged figure descended from the skies and landed gracefully on the ground. She was tall, so very tall. She is 6’7″ in height, though her brown high-heeled boots make her about 7′ even. Straight shoulder length ink black hair cascaded down her back like a black waterfall, and a pair of soft, black cat ears sat atop her head that twitched as she gazed upon Norrington as he stopped untying his wife and stared upon the vampiress with a mixture of anger and fear.

Feathery white Pegasus wings adorned her shoulder blades, making the vampiress a sight to behold. Her almond-shaped midnight blue eyes flickered with raw power as she tried to keep her emotions under control, for her powers are fueled by her emotions. Her midnight blue hooded cape billowed around her, making her look more prominent and intimidating, the blue rose clasp on the cloak sparkled under the light of day. The vampiress’s dark purple gown swished as she walked and said, “Who are you and what do you think you are doing with my prisoner?”

It took all but a second for Norrington to regain his composure as he said, “Prisoner? I think not! She is my wife, you fiendish creature!” The vampiress looked from Angeline to Norrington and back to Angeline again. “Wife eh? Well, what are you planning to do? Untie her from the boulder and ride out of the forest with her?” The vampiress sneered sarcastically, revealing a set of pearly white fangs behind her full blood red lips.

Norrington wanted to say a loud, resounding “Yes!” to the vampiress standing before him but he is afraid that something terrible will happen if he were to grab Angeline and ride out of the forest as fast as they could. He couldn’t risk losing Angeline after finally making her his, and he couldn’t imagine a life without his Angeline in it. Norrington remained silent as the vampiress smirked in satisfaction that there won’t be any more trouble from the human.

Then, a carriage appeared, with two strong horses pulling the vehicle. The carriage looked like it has seen better days. The wood was fading and cracking under the weight of its passengers, and the wheels were starting to fall apart. The driver of the carriage, however, looked like someone who worked in a noble household. His clothes were pristine and sewn to perfection, his white wig sitting neatly upon his head. The driver slowed the horses down and got off from the driver’s seat to open the door of the carriage.