My name is Tiffany C. Lockhart. I am an aspiring fiction writer specializing in fantasy and general fiction. I write whenever I can and when I’m not plagued with Writer’s Block.

I can be found with my nose buried in a good book or penning in a diary entry when I’m not at my proverbial Writing Desk. I have created this blog so that I can post my writings to share with you all. Some of the stories on this blog have also been written as fanfiction and you are more than welcome to give them a read under my fanfiction Pen Name, Raven Lockhart. I also have written articles and show reviews for TVOvermind and now, I write and post them on my own site Lockhart Reviews.


The content that I post on this blog are merely my two cents on matters that are important to me or that I feel like expressing my opinion on. If you do not like, then simply do not read. I will also post short stories and free-verse poetry that I have written over the years. If you wish to comment on any of my posts, please only comment if you have any constructive criticism or positive insights to offer. I do not wish to deal with comments that are negative in nature. Thank you for understanding.