In Another Life

I held her tight in my arms as she breathed her last breath. Tears streamed down my face like a tiny waterfall as my heart shattered. We just found each other, and now she is being taken away from me. “Please don’t leave me!” I choked out through my tears. “I love you!”

She raised a shaking hand and placed it on my cheek and said in a weak voice, “I love you too, my darling, and I will never leave you. I may have left this life, but I will find you in the next.” The emotional side of me believed her, but the logical part of me says that there’s no such thing. When we die, we are returned to the earth, and that’s that. There’s no reincarnation or rebirth. Her hand then slipped from my cheek, her body lifeless in my arms.

Ten long agonizing years passed since I lost the one I loved. There wasn’t a second that went by that I didn’t think about her. Every time I closed my eyes, I would see her beautiful smile and her sparkling eyes. We would lay in bed, enjoying the comfort of each other. I caressed her face in my dream and told her that I love her. “I love you too, my darling. I never stopped. We will see each other again soon.” She said, leaning in to kiss me on the lips. Before I could reply, everything started to fade as my subconscious is pulled back to reality. I then bolted awake in bed, still reeling from what my beloved had said. Will I indeed see her again?

I went to a local bar after work before heading home for the night. The stress of the day ebbed away as I entered the establishment. Sitting down at the bar, I ordered my usual drink. While I waited for the bartender to make my drink, I heard the chair next to me scrap across the wooden floor. A tap was felt on my right shoulder, trying to get my attention. I paid it no mind, thinking that it’s some underaged, over-dressed young woman looking for a wild night. I felt the tap again and was about to tell the person to leave me the hell alone when the words got caught in my throat.

She stood in front of me as enchanting as ever, wearing one of her favorite outfits. Her appearance is that of her usual self but with a few minor changes. Her hair was short and curly instead of long and flowy. Her eyes were different as well, but they still held that same sparkle that made me fall in love with her.  “I’m not dreaming am I?” I breathed, leaning against the counter for support. “No, you’re not dreaming, my Love. You’re perfectly awake.” She said with a loving smile as she wrapped her arms around my waist. We have found each other again, and this time, I won’t let her go.


The Storm

I left campus just as the sun set below the western horizon. There was a project that’s due in a few days, and I desperately wanted to do well. The previous assignment dealt me a hard blow, and I am not going to screw up this time. At least, I hope I won’t screw up.

Dark clouds gathered in the light grey sky with speed that rivaled that of the Flash. Immediately there was a deep rumbling that signaled the arrival of thunder and lightning. A storm is coming, and I am going to be caught in it if I don’t make it back to the dormitory soon. Picking up my pace, I pulled my jacket in tight, trying to keep the heat in as the cold autumn wind blew relentlessly in my face.

As I walked along the path toward the dormitory building, I felt a drop of water on the top of my head. Looking up, I saw that the dark clouds have gone a shade darker as it prepares to let down a torrential downpour. I quickened my pace, not willing to get drenched like Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. I could see the dormitory up ahead, and relief flooded my entire body. It was a haven, a sanctuary from what was about to happen. Its concrete walls would protect me from the wrath of Mother Nature. Lightning flashed, followed by the deafening crack of thunder.

I then made a break for it as the rain began to fall. Lightning crashed, and thunder rumbled like a soundtrack from a dramatic movie scene. My oxygen-deprived lungs struggled to keep up as I bolted toward the building. When I reached the door, I grabbed onto the door handle as I huffed and puffed from running. The rain came down hard, each drop pit-patting on the windows and awning. I wiped off the condensation on my coat with the back of my hand before fishing through my bookbag for the keys. Finding them at last, I quickly unlocked the door and went inside. Warm heat greeted me as I stepped into the main lobby. The storm raged on outside as the sky darkened even more. Heaving a sigh, I turned to summon the elevator and headed up to my assigned room.

Dreaming of Reality

Have you ever had a dream so real it feels like it’s actually happening? That everything is crystal clear, and you can hear your own thoughts in your mind? Sounds entirely far-fetched, I know, but trust me when I tell you that it has happened to me.

The night was late, and I laid in my bed, dead to the world. I was then promptly transported to Dreamland, and I was standing in the middle of an outdoor basketball court. The sun was barely up and I didn’t even have a ball with me, so it seemed quite odd for me to be there. 

Suddenly, my father was standing beside me saying something about traveling somewhere like France or anywhere in Europe. Panic then coursed through my veins and a chill went down my spine. I’m not bloody going anywhere! I have to keep up with my writings and my job! Then like a movie, the scene faded to black and shifted from the basketball court to a moving car. There was a man with salt and pepper hair sitting in front of me. I could make out his features, but I do not know his name.

I then found myself in a hotel room of sorts, my mind still swirling with thoughts about how I’m going to get all of my writing done when I’m so far away from home. A thought suddenly occurred to me that this might be nothing but a dream. Raising a hand, I pinched myself on the arm as hard as I could, hoping that the pain will cause me to wake up. Unfortunately, my slumbering self didn’t get the message as I remained in the dream world. Just when I thought all was lost, my internal clock kicked in, and I found myself slightly awake lying in bed. So it was a dream after all. I thought as the early morning light filtered in through my window. Breathing a sigh of relief, I turned to my side and tried to go back to sleep. Guess that’s what I get for having an overactive imagination.

Devil’s Soul

“Find someone who will love your soul more than your body.” Makes sense right? You find a guy, or girl, that will care for you as you are as a person and not something that they will eventually get bored with. I have been on this earthly plane for almost seven years, and though there was a hint of a connection, it turned out to be the complete opposite.

Detective Stanton and I were investigating the death of a billionaire playboy who has a group of beautiful young women living with him at his massive mansion high in the mountain regions of Los Angeles. Nicolas wasn’t too fond of driving back and forth, but I, on the other hand, am glad for the change of scenery. Even if said scenery is literally called the City of Angels. Yeah, I get the irony.

“I’ve had my fair share of partners over the years, but I’ve never asked all of them to live with me,” I said as Detective Stanton observed the gruesome scene. “I’m perfectly fine living on my own. Well, except for Kalenia of course.” The detective seemed to pay me no mind as he focused on the crime scene. He did, however, let out an annoyed huff. “Are you done, Lucy? I get that both men and women are drawn to your Lucy-ness, but I would like to solve this case and go home if you don’t mind.” I raised my hands in mock surrender and stayed quiet, my mind drifting to a time where everyone wanted a piece of perfection.

I was in the middle of pleasuring my latest capture, a man by the name of Mikael. No, he has no relation to my despicable family or my other older sister Michelle. He was a pretty face at a darkened club that caught my fancy, and I decided to show him the stairway to heaven. Then, just as I was crying out his name in ecstasy, my wings chose this moment to unfurl themselves, much to the shock of the man underneath me.

“Whoa, you’re an angel?!” He exclaimed, eyes wide as he stared at my wings in awe. “Oh dear, I apologize. You are not supposed to see them.” I said, quickly putting away my wings. “I think I should get going,” Mikael said suddenly as he slid out of me and began putting on his clothes. “Why are you leaving? Is it the wings?” I asked, trying not to sound hurt. I do have a reputation to maintain after all. Mikael didn’t answer. Instead, he said, “Thanks for a great night, Lucy, but maybe it’s better if we never see each other again.” I have never felt used in my long existence until that moment. It made me wonder if all of my sexual conquests are the same. That I am just stress relief to these humans and nothing more. Will I ever find that someone who will love the Devil’s soul more than her body?

As You Wish

When he said “As you wish,” what he really meant was “I love you.” Every time we hear this quote, the hopeless romantics in us starts to come out. Though what if the phrase doesn’t mean that? What if instead of a hidden profession of love, it is uttered as a curse?

“The obvious choice for you, my dear, is to sleep with me.” The man said, looking the young woman up and down, his dark eyes glazed over with lust. “The day I sleep with you is the day I turn into a fucking harpy with giant purple wings growing from my back!” The young woman exclaimed through gritted teeth. The man huffed, feeling a tinge of anger rising up from within. “As you wish, my dear.” He then closed his eyes and chanted something under his breath. When he was done, the man turned on his heel and faded from sight.

The next day, the young woman woke up from a restless night, a feeling of dread washing over her. She had been held captive for days, and no one had come to rescue her. Though she can defend herself, there are times when even her most adept skills couldn’t save her. Before she was taken, she fought as hard as she could against the attacker. She kicked and screamed, trying to free herself from the assailant’s grasp. In the end, he proved to be too strong for her, and she was captured.

Excruciating pain radiated through her as she got up from the world’s most uncomfortable bed. It felt like she was sleeping on a bed of nails. As she made her way over to the bathroom, she almost let out a scream of pure terror. There, staring back at her is a woman with long, pointy ears. Her arms, legs, and feet became that of an eagles’ with sharp talons. Large, dark purple wings extended from her shoulder blades, making her a frightening sight to behold. “No…this can’t be happening! He did not turn me into a Harpy!” The young woman muttered, wishing that this is nothing but a bad dream. Suddenly, an idea came to her. Maybe she can use her current predicament to her advantage.