Never Be

In a dimly lit office of a world-renowned forensics lab, a woman with shoulder-length Auburn hair sat at her desk, unable to concentrate on the blank document staring back at her on her computer. She had accepted a marriage proposal from Detective Clint three years after they had gotten back together. Everyone was shocked when they heard the news for they all thought that the forensic anthropologist would be marrying Joseph instead of the Metropolitan Police detective.

Speaking of the FBI agent, Erin sent him an email telling him of her upcoming nuptials. She also inquired if it’s possible to allow her father to be temporarily released from prison on the day of the wedding so he can walk her down the aisle. The forensic anthropologist then closed her email saying that she will always treasure their deep friendship and partnership. She also attached an electronic invitation to the ceremony even though deep down, she knows that her partner would not attend. Clicking the “Send” button, Erin sent her virtual message, letting out a heavy sigh as the correspondence made its way to her partner.

“Why can’t I be with the one I love?” She whispered sadly. “Why do I have to listen to my brain instead of my heart?” A lone tear escaped from the corner of her eye, cascading down her right cheek and plopping down onto a piece of paper on the same side on the wooden desk. Suddenly, the door to her office burst open and an emotionally distraught FBI agent came storming through it.

“How could you do this, Erin? Tell me in an email that you’re getting married to someone else. That you’ll always treasure our friendship and partnership. Do my feelings not matter to you at all?!” Joseph hissed, his chocolate brown eyes glazed over with tears. At this, the forensic anthropologist cast her eyes away from her partner. “I’m going to be married in a couple of days,” she said. “Edward and I will become husband and wife. There’s nothing you can do about it.” She then turned her head to look up at him. “If you don’t want to attend my wedding, that’s perfectly fine, but I will not call it off because of your romantic feelings toward me.”

When the last words fell from her lips, Special Agent Joseph Borianez steeled his resolve. “Guess I was wrong in thinking that you might feel the same way after all the years that we have been partners and everything that we’ve been through. Congratulations, Dr. Brenan. I hope you and Detective Clint have a happy life together.” The FBI agent then spun on his heel and briskly walked out of the forensic anthropologist’s office. Erin watched him leave, her heart screaming at her to go after him, tell him that he’s the one she would ever love with every fibre of her being. Yet fate decided to be cruel and crushed her one chance at happiness. Michaela once told her that she and Joseph were meant to be together, but now, they will never be.


Love Hurts

She let herself be pushed up against the door of her spacious apartment as his lips locked with hers. Moans of pleasure emitted from her vocal chords when he moved to kiss his way down her slender neck. The rational side of her brain knew that this is wrong. She recently rekindled a relationship with another man, and here she is about to have sex with the man that she had given her heart to since the moment they met.

“You are not mine,” he said huskily, his chocolate brown eyes almost black with passion. Erin stared back at him with her own sparkling blue ones. “I am not yours,” she said in the same husky tone. Joseph then gave out a low growl as he continued his onslaught of his beautiful partner whom he had secretly loved for five years. The forensic anthropologist had informed him over lunch at the diner that she had decided to get back together with Detective Edward Clint at the Metropolitan State Police, whom she had briefly dated. The FBI agent, though deeply hurt by this sudden change of events, plastered a supportive smile on his face, telling her that he’s happy for her and that Detective Clint can treat her right.

Hours later, Joseph showed up at her apartment unannounced, and the second she opened the door, his lips descended on hers in a rough, angry kiss. Erin grabbed her partner’s face and returned the passionate lip-lock, not willing to give up her status as the alpha-female. Her mind screamed at her again to stop this before it goes any further, but her heart says otherwise. “This is the man you are meant to be with,” her heart began. “Detective Clint never stood a chance. You’re only getting back with him because he is the safest choice.” The organ finished, hoping that the forensic anthropologist will come to her senses.

The two partners then divested each other of their clothing, leaving a trail leading toward Erin’s bedroom. Joseph then laid Erin down on the bed and swiftly entered her, not caring to be gentle. Loud cries of ecstasy filled the apartment as both FBI agent and forensic anthropologist angrily broke the laws of physics. After coming down from their respective climaxes, Erin heard the three words that she wanted to hear for so long from the man lying beside her. “I love you.”

Her entire body then went rigid at the declaration of love, her stomach tied up in knots. She knows that deep down, Joseph is the one that she wants, but Detective Clint, like her heart said, is the safest choice. He would never hurt her emotionally and can give her the security of a stable relationship. Erin then summoned up the courage to tell her partner the words that will forever break him. It’s for the best, she reasoned. I’m with Edward now. “I don’t love you.” At this, Joseph turned to face his partner, hurt evident on his handsome face.

“You’re lying.” He whispered. “You love me. You are mine.” The FBI agent concluded with a hint of alpha-male possessiveness. Erin blinked back the hot tears and said as confidently as she could even though her own heart is breaking. “I am not lying! I do not love you and I am not yours!” Letting out a shaky sigh, Special Agent Joseph Borianez got up from the bed and put his clothes back on. He then made his way to the door and just as he was about to turn the knob, a soft female voice stopped him.

“Don’t leave,” Erin breathed. The former Army sniper turned his head a quarter turn and said, “Why would I stay? You don’t want me as a partner and you certainly don’t love me.” Joseph then heaved an inaudible sigh. He’s never the type of person to give up, but he knows that he can’t move on, not entirely because all the FBI agent will ever think about when he walks into the Hoover or the lab is her. Turning the knob, Joseph quickly exited his soon-to-be former partner’s apartment, not once looking back at the woman that he ever truly loved.

Dawn’s Mirage

He stood in the middle of the wide-open field, immersed in the early morning fog. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath, letting the fresh oxygen wake up his sleepy brain. A slight noise alerted his senses, causing him to quickly open his eyes, immediately alert to his surroundings.

A slender figure appeared from within the dense mist. The gentleman let out a soft gasp as he recognized the silhouette. Two large wings extended from the shoulders and delicate cat ears twitched as the figure revealed itself. His light blue eyes widened as the tall female emerged from the fog.

It can’t be her! He thought, shock rooting him to the spot. She wants nothing to do with me! Before he could voice his thoughts, he felt two soft lips on his, capturing them in a passionate kiss that took his breath away. This cannot be real. He concluded. It’s a mirage conjured up by my lovelorn mind. He convinced himself as he slowly kissed the woman that haunted his dreams and thoughts back with fervour.

The vampiress moaned as she battled for dominance, letting herself indulge in this one guilty pleasure. She had rejected this man, but for some reason, she couldn’t seem to forget him. All the times that they spent together before it all went wrong was the best that she ever had in her long and lonely existence. He had opened her heart, and she was able to let love in, breaking down the walls that she had carefully put up over the years since she lost everything. Putting a hand on her cheek, the man broke away for a millisecond, drowning in those midnight blue pools as they clouded over with lust. He then wordlessly covered her mouth with his, succumbing to the alluring powers of his personal mirage.

Suddenly, rays of sunlight pierced through the fog, dispersing the thinly veiled vapour. The gentleman fully expected it to take away the illusion and leave him with his heartbreak but to his astonishment, the vampiress still remained standing in front of him, the lust in her eyes ebbing away as she returned down from the cloud of ecstasy. “It was real,” he breathed. “You are not a mirage.” Giving him a toothy smile, Asanashia pressed her forehead against his and whispered, “Trust me, I am no mirage.”

Out of Time

She wasn’t fast enough. She flew as quick as humanly possible to save her love from certain death, but she got there too late. The villain plunged the sword through his body, letting him fall onto the ground in a lifeless heap. Her cries of anguish echoed through the evening air as the villain smirked in triumph.

“It seems that even a Pegasus-winged vampiress cannot save the one that she loves.” The villain sneered, looking down at the shattered heroine before him. “The almighty heroine falls while evil prevails!” The criminal exclaimed, raising his arms high in celebration. “It’s a wonderful time to be alive!” The evil-doer chuckled.

The vampiress’s shoulders shook as she mourned the loss of her love. They were supposed to be together. For the next 30, 40 and 50 years. Fate seemed to have it in for them by taking the one person that mattered most away from her. If she had the ability, she would turn back the clock and maybe she would be able to prevent him from dying.

Asanashia raised her head and glared at the villain through red puffy midnight blue eyes, a renewed sense of anger coursing through her veins. Fueled by heartbreak and rage, she unleashed a loud roar and charged at the one who had taken away everything from her. Using her powers, she created an energy ball filled with raw power meant to harm its intended target. She shot the energy ball at the villain with all her might, sending it hurtling toward the ner-do-well.

A large cloud of smoke enveloped the brute as the energy ball hit him head-on and the vampiress sank to her knees, her strength depleted. Wrapping her arms around herself, she felt her eyes sting with fresh tears as they cascaded down her heart-shaped face. When the smoke finally cleared, she hoped to see the villain lying on the ground. What she saw instead shocked her to the core. The villain still stands with nary a scratch on his person. Summoning his sword, the villain sent it flying toward the vampiress like an arrow. Unable to move, Asanashia closed her eyes, accepting that for once in her long, immortal life, she has run out of time.

The Lost Diary

I never go up to the attic. Unless I have to get something from there like books that I want to read but don’t have room for it in my personal library or Christmas decorations. Today, however, I am going up those stairs not to retrieve but to clean. Yep, it’s time to clean out the old attic.

Armed with rubber gloves, a mask, and various cleaning supplies, I made my way up the steps toward what is technically the “penthouse” floor of my house. It’s not as fancy as a penthouse, obviously, but you know what I mean. Setting down the basket of cleaners on the ground, I heaved a heavy sigh as I put my hands on my hips. “Better get started I guess,” I muttered, bending down to pick up the broom and dustpan and started sweeping away the dust bunnies and cobwebs. As I gathered the pile of dust onto the dustpan, I noticed a box that I hadn’t seen before.

Maybe the previous owners forgot to take it with them, I thought. Putting the broom against the wall, I kneeled down in front of the box and slowly opened it. Inside there were trinkets of all kinds. A coral pink conch shell, a glass jar filled with origami stars, a stack of mangas and a beautiful hardcover journal with a lock on it. I picked up the journal and searched the box for the key to unlock it. I found it attached to a cute blue penguin keychain. Using the small key, I removed the lock and opened the journal. My eyes widened as I read the first entry. “How can this be?” I whispered, shock running through my veins. The author of the diary is a woman named Asanashia Renoir. Letting my curiosity get the better of me, I flipped the page and began reading the first entry.

April 27, 1877

I had just finished my lessons for the day. Mother was adamant that I learn how to control my powers. I told her that I am more than capable of harnessing my abilities so that I will not harm innocent people. Would she listen? No! Says that I don’t have enough experience to do that yet. I’m an immortal vampiress for goodness sake! I may have the appearance of a naïve 14-year-old, but I am more mature than you think I am. Just wish Mother and Father would see that. Oh, Mother’s calling for me, I shall write another entry later.

“Wow,” I breathed, letting my mind drift back to the present. “I wonder if Asanashia would be mad that I read her diary?”