Fighting the voices,

That said I’m not enough.

Drowning out the taunts,

Saying I’ll never measure up.

Remind me again,

Of the person, I’m supposed to be.

You say I’m loved,

Though I can’t feel a thing.

Strength course through my veins,

When I’m so very weak.

You say that I belong,

For I’m forever yours.



Light and darkness,

Good and bad.

Two things that are different,

But part of something greater.

One cannot have unconditional love,

Without the drama of hate.

Murder would not occur,

If motive is nonexistent.

What goes up,

Will never come down.

Should the concept of duality,

Be erased from history.


Rosalie Esmeralda Santos allowed her tired horse to drink at the small watering hole they had stumbled upon while she stood beside it. Rubbing a hand over her red, semi-sunburnt face, she squinted at the glaring sun in the azure sky. The heat had gotten worse with no sign of letting up. Letting out a sigh, she opened her saddlebag and brought out her canteen. Squatting down, she filled the canteen with the water from the watering hole. It was the colour of a mocha latte but it’s better than suffering from dehydration.

Brambles and tall, looming cacti seemed to tell her the harsh reality of the situation. That if she doesn’t find her way back to civilization, she and her equine companion would become a pile of white bones buried beneath the desert sand. Taking a glance at the watering hole, she noticed that it had shrunk a little bit since they arrived a short while ago. Her horse, feeling a bit refreshed after drinking a large amount of the life-saving liquid, raised its head to look at her, its eyes filled with what could be described as concern. Rosalie gave the animal a small smile in reassurance before coming over to get back on the horse and the two set out again on their journey.

When night came, the temperature felt significantly cooler. Rosalie gently urged her horse on as the moon made its nightly appearance. Her mind then drifted to a news report that she had heard. It was about four years ago, a senator from a state that she couldn’t pronounce denied that climate change is a serious issue. “I understand that the Earth is undergoing some drastic changes in its weather patterns,” he had said in an interview with CNN. “Though it’s not as pressing as some of the other matters that have presented itself that needs our undivided attention.” Letting out a frustrated huff at the memory, Rosalie wished that she could go back in time to give the senator a piece of her mind. The problem was right there in front of them and yet they still chose to ignore it until it was too late. Guess that’s politics for you. Rosalie thought bitterly as she and her horse pressed on before the blistering heat returns in the morning.

Corporate Confusion

One day. She had missed just one day of work and now this happens. Then again, she had no choice but to miss a day. There’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell was she going to prison. Heaving a sigh, she took the files that were on her desk and started working on them, putting her $4000 fruit brand laptop in the bottom desk drawer.

The next time that she had to miss a day of work due to her obligations as a citizen, she found that there were no files or invoices left on her desk the following day. Confusion was evident on her face as she sat down in her chair and turned on the computer. “What in the name of the Muses is gong on here?” She muttered under her breath as the machine whirred to life, her mind swirling with questions that have no answer in sight. Half of her wanted to ask straight out if things have changed for her in terms of her position, yet the other half of her is telling her to wait until she gets her monthly check to find out if things are either still the same or different.

Another week passed before she began to realize what was going on. She had jumped to the conclusion that things had changed, but in reality, it was still the same as it was. That brief moment of confusion suddenly became clear as the sky above her. To say that she felt slighted was the furthest from the truth as you could get. This whole thing was her mind playing tricks on her, making her think things that were not real in any sense of the word. Her position hasn’t changed, she merely jumped to conclusions, something that she rarely does. 

“Guess I should’ve gotten all the facts before coming to a conclusion,” she said quietly to herself as she logged into the computer. Her shoulders sagged a little as a nagging thought came to the forefront: how is she going to break it to her family? What would they say when she told them that she’s still in the same place as she was before?

The Signal

It took her a while. She had been afraid, fearful that she doesn’t have what it takes to pursue happiness. It wasn’t until seeing him with his new girlfriend that made her realize that she had made a mistake. He had been willing to give them a chance, but she was scared that she might end up hurting him. She had told him that she doesn’t know how to process emotions like love like he does and she can’t be the woman that he wants her to be.

She watched him interact with the woman that now held his heart and she wished that she was the one laughing with him and kissing him. It took her a year to figure out what she wanted and now that she had, it’s too late. He told her before they went to their separate corners of the planet that he has to move on, and he did in the form of a travelling journalist named Katheryn. The golden-haired woman seemed to be everything that he ever wanted: smart, beautiful and loves him as much as he loves her. Erin took a deep breath before plastering on a supportive smile for the couple while her own heart broke into tiny pieces.

A couple of days later, a case involving a murdered psychiatrist really got to her. The woman had dedicated her entire life to her work and that left little room for dating and romance. A man who had worked with the victim told her and Joseph that he had had romantic feelings for her. “I had tried to ask her out many times,” the man confessed, heaving a heavy sigh filled with regret and sadness. “She turned me down each and every time, saying that it’s not rational for two people who work together to be involved romantically.” His words seemed to hit a nerve as Erin bowed her head slightly, unnoticed by her ever so observant FBI partner.

That night, the forensic anthropologist tossed and turned in bed, unable to achieve REM sleep. Frustrated, she pulled off the blankets and left her apartment to the one place where she could calm down and think: the Smithsonian Forensics Lab. After parking her car in the structure, she began making her way to the exit when a car came from around the corner at top speed. Not having time to react, Erin stood there like a deer in headlights when a pair of strong arms pulled her out of the way to safety.

“Why didn’t you get out of the way, Erin?!” Joseph exclaimed. “You could’ve gotten run over!” The forensic anthropologist didn’t reply but instead threw herself into her partner’s arms, burying her face in his chest. The former Army Ranger wrapped his arms around her after getting over the shock of her actions. Erin then lifted her head to look at her partner and said in a watery voice, “The victim died with regrets. I don’t want that.” Joseph, being the expert people reader that he is, asked, “What are you saying, Erin?” The forensic anthropologist replied, “I got the signal, Joseph, I don’t want to have any regrets.” With that, she leaned in and kissed him the way that she wanted to ever since he returned from the Middle East with Katheryn.

Luck of the Draw

I thought that I was out, but they pulled me back in. The first time was nerve wrecking enough but the second time is just as bad if not worse. I listened to the same lecture as the first time that I was here, that we’re not allowed to take photos or search anything with regards to the upcoming case on the Internet. I stood in the small group of people, trying not to let my nervousness get the better of me.

We then began filing into another courtroom, this one different from the one that I was in the first time. The layout of the space is the same but the jury box is on the left side of the room rather than the right. I sat down in one of the chairs in the spectating area and waited with bated breath for the judge to enter the room. A few minutes later, a petite woman came in and we all stood as is required before sitting back down again. The same speech about jury duty being a privilege and honor is given and the process began all over again.

As I watched the first group of ten people go up, I felt my heart race as I mentally prayed to whatever deity is willing to listen that I not get called up. Unfortunately, my prayers were not answered as the first number in the second group to be called up is my own. My heart rate increased as I made my way up to the jury box while a line formed behind me. The sheriff asked if I needed to speak to the judge to which I replied in the negative. Then, just when I thought that my fate had been sealed, one of the lawyers, either for the plaintiff or the defense, challenged my chance to be chosen as a juror. The judge then smiled politely at me as she excused me from the courtroom.

I then quickly left the line-up, not bothering to thank the judge for excusing me and went out the door. I let out a sigh of relief as I made my way toward the elevators, like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I know that it’s not every day that one gets summoned to do jury duty and if one is chosen, it’s definitely an honor, but it’s still a hard burden to bear as the fate of the people involved in these cases lie in your hands. 

Mortal Morningstar

Detective Nicolas Stanton weaved through the gathering crowd, trying to get to the other side. A call had come in saying that there is a naked woman standing in the middle of the road on the Vegas Strip who claims that she’s the Devil.

“What’s going on here?” The detective asked as he finally made his way to the scene. “The driver of that red Ferrari called it in, ” One of the officers said. “Kept rambling about a woman in her birthday suit who says that she’s the Devil. She also appears to be wounded from the two large crescent-shaped wounds on her back.” Detective Stanton then turned his attention to the woman standing a few feet away, his eyes widening in shock. “Lucy,” he breathed as he moved toward the fallen angel. A million questions circled his mind as he tried to figure out how the former Lightbringer was able to return to Earth. The detective reached out to touch the Queen of Hell’s shoulder when he got close enough to her and when the latter turned, her hazelnut-brown eyes shone in recognition.

“Detective Stanton, you’re here!” Lucy exclaimed, a wide smile on her face. The homicide detective gave his former partner a polite smile before realizing that she’s stark naked. Shrugging off his jacket, he draped it over her shoulders. Lucy winced in pain as the clothing made contact with the wounds on her back. “What is it, Lucy?” Detective Stanton asked. “Are the wounds on your back hurting you?” The Lady of Hell could do nothing but nod as the prickling pain coursed through her veins.

The detective carefully removed the jacket around Lucy’s shoulders and used it to cover up her front like a hospital gown. He then instructed her to turn around so he can examine the wounds. The Ruler of Hell did as she was told and Detective Stanton gasped as he saw two crimson crescents on Lucy’s back. “What happened?” He asked. Bowing her head, Lucy replied in a small voice, “I made a deal.” Furrowing his brow, the detective pressed on as to what kind of deal the fallen angel made. “I wanted to return to Earth so I made a deal with Lilith and she took my wings as collateral.” Overwhelmed, Detective Stanton asked again, “Are you going to stay on Earth?” The Devil nodded and said, “I have to. I’m human now.”