Finding Juliet

“I lost her, I can’t believe that I lost her” He muttered under his breath, weaving his way through the crowd of the busy mall. Half of him wanted to call out her name like he usually did but thought better of it. Wouldn’t want to draw attention to myself. He thought. The young man then continued his quest of searching for his girlfriend. He looked in the shops that they have been to, thinking that she might be in one of them. After about 30 minutes in each, he came out more worried than ever before.

“Where in the name of William Shakespeare is she?” He muttered, his eyes scanning the part of the mall that he was in, hoping to catch a glimpse of his lady love in the sea of people. Just then, he caught a glimpse of dark brown hair from the corner of his eye. He whirled around seconds after, thinking that he finally found her. Picking up his pace, he all but ran toward it, hope and happiness running through his veins. When he caught up, he touched her on the shoulder while calling out her name. Though his smile quickly faded when the person that turned around isn’t the one that he was looking for. Mumbling a quick apology, he decided to get help instead of wandering around the mall like a deranged person.

“Hi, excuse me, Mr. Security Guard! Can you help me please?” He called out when he saw a uniformed guard walking past on his hourly patrol. “What do you need help with, son?” The guard asked. “I was shopping with my girlfriend and she said that she had to go to another store to get something and said she’ll be right back,” The young man explained. “I waited for her outside the store but she never came. I looked for her everywhere but couldn’t find her.” He finished, on the verge of tears.

“Okay, tell me her name and I’ll see if any of my co-workers have seen her.” Relieved, the young man told the security guard the name of his girlfriend and the guard froze for a second. “Wait, your girlfriend’s name is Juliet Capulet? As in THE Juliet Capulet?” The young man nodded, confused as to why the security guard is so shocked to hear his girlfriend’s name. “Does that make you Romeo Montague?” Romeo blinked owlishly at the guard before nodding in the affirmative.

Still overcome with shock, the security guard reached for his walkie-talkie and got in touch with his co-worker, telling him to keep an eye out for a young woman with dark brown hair by the name of Juliet Capulet. He then told Romeo to wait where he is in case Juliet shows up. Romeo thanked the guard as the latter went on his way. “Oh, Juliet, Juliet,” Romeo muttered. “Wherefore art thou, Juliet?”


The Price of Love

“Come over tonight.” Three words had never brought him so much joy. It was a simple message but he knew the meaning behind them. He loved her for so long, he was more than certain that he could be the one that makes her happy. Certainly more than any other man ever could. There was a moment where he had given up hope, but when he got the message on his phone, that hope returned tenfold. After all this time, they could finally be together.

He quickly grabbed his jacket from the coatrack and all but speed-walked out of his office to the parking structure across the street. He got into his car and drove with reasonable speed (there’s no need to turn this into a tragedy) and got to her house. It was a small but beautiful home, one that practically screamed her name the first time that he saw it. Parking his car a block down from the house, he got out and jogged back towards it. Raising a hand to knock on the door, he caught a glimpse of her from the living room window and saw that she was cuddling with another man on the couch. Her eyes shone with love and tenderness that he had not seen before when they were having their late-night liaisons.

Feeling a sense of dejection and heartache, he lowered his hand and walked away from the house and back to his car. He then drove aimlessly through the streets as he made his way back to his studio apartment on the other side of the city. He had imagined the perfect scene. He would knock on the door and she would open it and throw herself into his arms. They would then confess their love for each other and then he would kiss those soft lips of hers, letting her know that he would always be with her until death did them part. Now that perfect scene will never play out because she had moved on, leaving him to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart.

Stopping at a red light,  he took out his phone from his jacket pocket and looked at the message that had sent him to Cloud Nine. A feeling of sadness came over him as he re-read those three simple words. If the age-old saying about love holds any truth, then he will have to let her go. It took him a couple of attempts to type out an adequate response and once he finished, he read it over and over to make sure that he said all that he needed to say. He then pressed “send” like ripping off a band-aid and put his phone back in his jacket pocket. When the light turned green, he stepped on the accelerator and drove away from the person that held his heart in her hands.

Drunken Confessions

Special Agent Joseph Borianez walked into the local bar, hoping to get a drink to relax after a long day at work. He made his way over to the bar and saw the outline of his partner and secret love drinking herself into oblivion. She held a bottle of tequila in her hand and quite literally chugged the whole thing. When she was done, she slurred at the bartender to give her another one. Joseph took this moment to step in and intervene.

“Okay, Erin, you’ve had enough to drink for one night.” He said, putting his hands on the forensic anthropologist’s upper arms to steady her. “No, Joseph! I’m fine! I can hold my liquor now give me another bottle of tequila!” Erin shouted as she swayed in her stool. “Erin Brenan, you are drunk and it’s not a good idea for you to keep drinking.” Joseph reasoned as he reached into his pocket and got out his wallet to pay for the tequila. The FBI agent then lifted his partner off of the stool and led her out of the bar. The two arrived at Joseph’s FBI-issued SUV and he opened the passenger side door before helping his drunken partner into it. Jogging over to the driver’s side, Joseph started the engine and drove off in the direction of Erin’s apartment.

Once they arrived, the FBI agent carried his partner bridal style to her room and gently laid her down on the bed. “Joseph, please don’t go, I love you,” Erin called out, her hand reaching for his. Shock coursed through his entire body as he heard the three words that he never thought he would hear. Shaking his head to bring himself back to reality, the former Army Ranger abided by her request and toed off his shoes, laying down on the other side of the bed beside her, his arms enveloped around her like he’s longed to do since he admitted to himself that he had romantic feelings for her.

“Joseph?” Erin said after a moment’s silence. “Yes, Erin?” Joseph replied, wondering what his partner’s next request will be. “I like to permanently delete my jerk of an ex-boyfriend from my mind. Make love to me.” Taken aback by her words, the FBI agent struggled to find his own words to answer her with. He knows her stance on love and everything that comes with it and as much as he wants to show her how much he loved her, he can’t, not while she’s intoxicated. As he opened his mouth to tell her so, a soft snoring sound reached his ears. Joseph gazed at the sleeping forensic anthropologist and smiled. “One day, my sweet Erin,” he whispered. “One day we will break the Laws of Physics.”


The mission was simple. Sneak into the wedding, knock out the evil General and then go home. The downside? Going undercover as a married couple. We may bicker like one, but we certainly aren’t one. We managed to infiltrate the wedding party and fooled a few people that we’re actually married, an added bonus to being trained spies.

“Do you ever see us like this?” I asked my partner while lying beside her on a picnic blanket. “Like what? A married couple?” She replied, an incredulous look on her face. “Yeah,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper. “I thought that we are just partners in all this,” she said. “That we’re not ever going to get emotionally involved with each other because that would affect the work that we do.” I looked away as I processed her words. It’s true that we drew the line at a personal relationship if it ever came to that, but I’m a feelings kind of guy. If I end up risking my career over love, then at least it will have been worth it.

“Well, maybe we should take a risk. I mean, we’re spies, after all, what we do is risky in every way.” I said, looking into her eyes. She smiled that infectious smile as she leaned in close to me, her lips kiss-close to mine. Then just as I was about to close the gap, she leaned back and said as she got up from the blanket, “I’ll see you back at the room.” I could do nothing but watch her go back into the chateau.

I made my own way back to the house shortly after my partner and when I rounded a corner, I saw her passionately making out with one of the guests. A part of me want to go tear them apart and give that guy a piece of my mind for kissing my pretend wife, but I remained glued to the spot as my heart broke into pieces. Yes, I, Agent Jase Foley, am hopelessly in love with my beautiful, kick-ass partner. I know that she will never feel the same way, but a man can dream. Though I have to come to terms with the reality that this loving relationship that we are presenting to everyone is nothing but a façade.

Human Devil

It was another day in the Devil’s realm. Tainted souls screaming into the void as they are tortured for their earthly sins. The Queen of Hell sat on her hellish throne, a look of longing and sadness on her face. She yearned to return to Earth and back to the man she loved, but it was her choice to return here to keep those that she cared about safe from the demons that threatened to escape.

Lucy had tried to find a way back, but no matter what she did, she would always end up back in Hell. One day while she walked along the narrow pathways of her fiery world of damnation, she saw someone lurking in the shadows. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” The former Lightbringer bellowed. A woman who looked a lot like Kalenia stepped out. Lucy instantly recognized her as Lilith, the Mother of Demons.

“Greetings, my Queen,” Lilith said, bowing deeply. “What can this humble servant do for you?” The Lady of Hell didn’t reply as she debated whether or not she should tell Lilith her request to return to Earth. The Mother of Demons seemed to read her mind as she said, “You wish to return to Earth, my Lady?” Lucy’s eyes widened in shock as Lilith accurately deduced her innermost thoughts. “Yes, I do,” The demoness smiled, revealing a set of sharp, pointed teeth. “Then let’s make a deal, shall we, Your Majesty?” Lucy had a feeling that whatever deal Lilith wanted to make, it’s not going to be good, but she’s her only chance at getting back to Earth. “Fine, let’s make a deal.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle of the Las Vegas strip, a man driving a bright red Ferrari that bears a striking resemblance to the one that a certain private investigator drives around in. He whistled a nameless tune to himself as he celebrated his big win at one of the casinos. Suddenly, he hit the brakes hard, causing the luxury car to come to a screeching halt. A naked woman stood before him, her face covered with dirt and grime. Blood trickled from two crescent-shaped wounds on her back as she tried to keep herself upright. Passersby took out their phones to take photos of the woman as the latter spoke up: “Get me, Detective Nicolas Stanton. Tell him that the Devil has returned.”