Human Devil

It was another day in the Devil’s realm. Tainted souls screaming into the void as they are tortured for their earthly sins. The Queen of Hell sat on her hellish throne, a look of longing and sadness on her face. She yearned to return to Earth and back to the man she loved, but it was her choice to return here to keep those that she cared about safe from the demons that threatened to escape.

Lucy had tried to find a way back, but no matter what she did, she would always end up back in Hell. One day while she walked along the narrow pathways of her fiery world of damnation, she saw someone lurking in the shadows. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” The former Lightbringer bellowed. A woman who looked a lot like Kalenia stepped out. Lucy instantly recognized her as Lilith, the Mother of Demons.

“Greetings, my Queen,” Lilith said, bowing deeply. “What can this humble servant do for you?” The Lady of Hell didn’t reply as she debated whether or not she should tell Lilith her request to return to Earth. The Mother of Demons seemed to read her mind as she said, “You wish to return to Earth, my Lady?” Lucy’s eyes widened in shock as Lilith accurately deduced her innermost thoughts. “Yes, I do,” The demoness smiled, revealing a set of sharp, pointed teeth. “Then let’s make a deal, shall we, Your Majesty?” Lucy had a feeling that whatever deal Lilith wanted to make, it’s not going to be good, but she’s her only chance at getting back to Earth. “Fine, let’s make a deal.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle of the Las Vegas strip, a man driving a bright red Ferrari that bears a striking resemblance to the one that a certain private investigator drives around in. He whistled a nameless tune to himself as he celebrated his big win at one of the casinos. Suddenly, he hit the brakes hard, causing the luxury car to come to a screeching halt. A naked woman stood before him, her face covered with dirt and grime. Blood trickled from two crescent-shaped wounds on her back as she tried to keep herself upright. Passersby took out their phones to take photos of the woman as the latter spoke up: “Get me, Detective Nicolas Stanton. Tell him that the Devil has returned.”


Tattoo Taboo

The loud, buzzing sound of the alarm was like a jackhammer to her mind. She reached out a hand searching for the off button while through blurry, hungover eyes she saw the blinking light of the red digits: 7 AM. Groaning, she turned onto her back. She had a flight to catch in a few hours and given her current state, she’s in no shape to get up much less get on a plane.

So much for making the reservation at that restaurant, I wanted to try tonight. She thought as she pressed her palms in her tired eyes. The events of last night rushed to the forefront of her foggy mind. She went with a few friends to a club where they downed martinis beneath the reflective circles and squares of the disco ball that hung above the dimly lit dance floor. There were a couple of squares who tried to hit on them with cheesy pick-up lines, but they did not work as they flat out ignored them, rolling their eyes when they eventually gave up and left.

“When will I ever learn that too much alcohol is too much?” She grumbled as she managed to drag herself out of bed. Making her way to the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator to see if there’s anything that can help her get rid of the massive headache that’s pounding her like sucker punches. Spotting some tomato juice and some parsley, she took them out and blended the two together along with some other ingredients one would use in a hangover cure. Pouring the contents into a glass, she took a sip, grimacing at the odd taste.

After downing the drink, she felt a little bit better. She trudged to the bathroom to clean herself up when she saw her reflection in the mirror. There, on her left shoulder, is a tattoo of what looked like an intricate butterfly. She rubbed a finger over it, thinking that it’s one of those fake tattoos that washes off with soap and water. When the design wouldn’t come off, a sense of dread came over her. “How am I going to explain this to the boss when I get back home?”

A Life For A Life

He didn’t like her when he first met her. Isn’t that how most relationship stories start? He wanted to shoot her but ended up getting shot himself. It was a minor lapse in judgement, one that he will never let himself make ever again. Well, maybe in the future he’ll stop.

They have been the unlikeliest of partners, but in some aspects, they make a pretty good team. They both have their own brand of crazy, their colleague’s word, not theirs, and he can stand her crazy even if it drives him crazy. He, at times, can annoy her to no end with his talk about emotions and having empathy but she has become accustomed to it and it brings a smile to her face when she’s alone. She will never admit this to him, of course, she does have a reputation to maintain.

“Tell me, Agent Foley, should I kill her slowly and painfully or just end her misery right here and now?” The druglord sneered as he pressed the knife into Lauren’s neck. Jase gritted his teeth as he glared at the druglord. If she had just listened to him before barging in there like she always did, they wouldn’t be in this situation. “Seriously, Jase? You’re pinning the whole thing on her now? Where is your sense of chivalry?” His mind piped up. “Need I remind you that you were the one who royally fucked up and got both you and your partner’s covers blown.” Jase sighed inaudibly and muttered under his breath, “Well I am an emotional person so I can’t help it if I say what I’m feeling.” His mind scoffed but didn’t reply which is fine by him.

“Well? What’s it going to be?” The druglord asked, pressing the knife deeper into Lauren, the tip drawing blood from the carotid artery. “Jase, don’t give him what he wants! Please! My life is not worth it!” Lauren pleaded, hoping that he will think of the greater good. Jase turned his ocean-green eyes into her blue-grey ones as he reached a decision. “I’ll give you what you want but on one condition: you let her go and you can keep me. A life for a life.” 

Just Fine

She watched helplessly as the gang members took him away. He had made a deal with them that he would go with them if they let her go free. She pleads with him to reconsider and that they can think of another way but his decision was final. Bowing her head, she gritted her teeth so hard that it hurt, angry that he once again had to be the hero.

Suddenly, an explosion rang out as her partner and the gang stepped outside the abandoned warehouse. Her eyes widened in fear as she thought the worst. No, she thought frantically. He cannot be dead! Taking off at a run, she went out of the warehouse and was met with a blazing inferno. A few of the gang members had been killed in the explosion and within the scattered bodies, she found that of her partner. Rushing over to his side, she put two fingers on the side of his neck to see if there’s a pulse. Finding one, she breathed a sigh of relief before taking out her phone to call for backup and an ambulance.

When the backup and the paramedics arrived, the latter immediately asked her if she’s alright. “I’m fine, just a bit shaken. It’s my partner that needs medical attention. He’s alive but his pulse is weak.” The paramedic nodded before signalling to his colleague to come and help him get the injured FBI agent to the waiting ambulance. After loading the unconscious agent into the back, she insisted that she ride with them to the hospital, despite the protests of the paramedics who told her that only family members are allowed to ride with the patient.

Time seemed to fly by in a blur and soon, she found herself sitting beside her partner’s bed, listening to the steady beeps of the machine that’s keeping him alive. She took his hand in hers and on impulse, kissed her partner in the corner of his mouth. When she pulled away, a rough male voice asked, “Did you just kiss me, Dr. Brenan, or am I imagining things?” Chuckling to herself, she leaned back in her chair, relieved that he is going to be just fine.

Done Caring

I knew that if I let myself get involved, things would end badly. I have been taught to never let myself care for another person but somehow all the walls that I have put up over the years have all been torn down. There’s only one person to blame: Special Agent Joseph Borianez.

Yes, I know that he is my partner in every sense of the word, but sometimes, I just don’t want to worry about him on a daily basis. I want to stop thinking about if he’s going to get shot at while solving a case or worse, being severely injured to the point where I will have to live without him for the rest of my life. I sometimes wake up in a cold sweat as my subconscious mind bombards me with nightmares about my Joseph dying.

One night, while Joseph and I were asleep in our bed, I had another nightmare. It all felt so real that I thought that it was really happening. We were chasing down a dangerous suspect who is part of an equally dangerous drug cartel that uses people as their drug mules. Joseph got out his gun and went after the perp while I ran after him. I chased him to an alleyway where the suspect is cornered with nowhere to run. Joseph pointed the gun at him, ready to shoot if necessary. Just then, a shot rang out and everything slowed as I watched Joseph fall to the ground, a gaping bullet wound on the back of his head.

“NOOOO!!! Joseph!” I cried, kneeling beside his body as blood seeped out from the wound. Tears streamed down my face as I held him in my arms. “You are not allowed to die, Joseph Borianez, you hear me?” I whispered fiercely even though I knew that it’s no use. Joseph is gone and I am alone again. Everything then went black as I opened my eyes, waking up from the terrifying nightmare. I could feel the wetness of the tears that I had shed in the dream as my mind replayed the moment. I turned to look at the man that I have come to love with all my heart. A wave of sadness washed over me before I steeled myself up for what I’m about to do. From this moment on, I will not worry about what happens to my husband while he’s out in the field. I am done caring.

Whatever It Takes

He hopped on the next available flight to Washington DC as soon as he finished at work, hoping that he could convince the woman that he has come to love to take a chance on them. He ran through various scenarios where he would pour his heart out to her and she would then kiss him senseless before saying “yes”.

Changing into something more comfortable, he all but ran toward her house. When he caught his breath, he raised a slightly shaking hand and knocked. His heart raced a mile a minute as he waited for her to open the door. “Luc,” she greeted, shocked to see her lover standing on her doorstep looking like he just jogged through the streets of the District of Columbia. “What are you doing here?” She asked, her voice quiet.

Taking a breath, he summoned up the courage to say what he came all this way to say, “I have never felt love at the deepest level,” he began. “I mean, I kind of felt it before Evie’s mother and me divorced, but since then I have never let myself to fully love another person. Until you came along, Cate.” He then let out a sigh and continued, “I know that we both have jobs that take up most if not all of our time, but all I ask is that we give this a chance.” Cate said nothing as she stared at her kind-of-sort-of boyfriend with tears glistening in her eyes.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work because I…” He trailed off, unsure if he should tell her everything. Screw it! He thought. She deserves to know. He then held her face in his hands and breathed out, “I love you.” Cate then took a small step back from him and said, “The job will always come first, Luc, you of all people should know that. I want to give this a chance but that would be us trying to be something that we’re not.” She then put a hand on Luc’s cheek, “I don’t want you to change who you are just so we can be together. I love you too much for that, Luc.” She finished, putting her forehead against his.

Devastation and heartbreak coursed through him as he let her words sink in. As much as he wanted to argue, deep down he knew that she was right. His career as an expert negotiator will always take precedence over his personal relationships. He had been willing to do whatever to took to keep Cate in his life, but it seems that it is not meant to be.