I climbed the carpeted stairs, sighing in nostalgia as I gazed upon my bedroom door. I put my hand on the shiny brass knob and pushed the door open. Everything was just as I left it; not a thing was out of place. My old HP Pavillion laptop sat opened on my desk, the screen black. 

Sitting down on my hot pink IKEA desk chair, I turned on the laptop and reached for my iPad Air from the top of my maple wood dresser, the battery long since died. I picked up the charging cable and plugged it into the tablet, hearing the familiar ping as the device slowly came to life. Placing the iPad back on the dresser, I logged into my laptop. The fan is still as loud as ever after all these years. I mentally noted, a small smile forming on my face.

“How am I going to do this?” I said under my breath. “Can’t just say “Hey, everybody! I’m back from the dead!” That’s too much of a shock.” I pondered this for a good ten minutes when I heard the garage door open. Oh shit. Mom’s back. What do I do? I thought as panic filled every fiber of my being. Just when I was about to make a run for my closet to hide, my mother came upstairs and saw me. Her eyes wider than dinner plates and her face pale like she’d seen a ghost. I offered her a sheepish smile and a small wave of my hand before saying, “Surprise?” 


To Live Again

Hope no one sees me. I thought as I walked up to the house. Instinctively, I searched my pockets for my house keys, as I have always done. I then came to the realization that I’m a ghost and therefore didn’t need keys to get in.

I touched the door to see if I could phase through it. My eyes went wide when my hand was met with solid wood. How can I still have the ability to touch when I’m lying in a coffin? “It was I who brought you back to life.” The woman said. “Why?” I asked. “I’m not some puppet that you can control!” I yelled, my anger getting the better of me.

“I am giving you a second chance. To remedy the mistakes that you have made and to live life without regret.” The woman said, her voice echoed through the cloudy sky. “What makes you think I deserve a second chance?” I asked dejectedly, my anger deflating. “Everyone deserves a second chance, my dear. Even you.” The woman crooned. 

I then turned to face the door, unsure as to how I’m going to get inside. “You’ll find your keys in your left pocket.” The woman quipped. “Okay, you can get out of my head now.” I said with a hint of sarcasm. I put my hand in my left pants pocket and pulled out a set of familiar looking keys, faux amethyst key ring and all.

Putting the main house key inside the lock, I opened my front door and went inside. “Hello? Anybody home?” I hollered in a sing-song voice. My question was met with nothing but silence as I closed the door behind me, locking it out of habit. Hmm. No one is home. Guess I’ll just do whatever I want. I thought as I went upstairs to my room.

Ghost Race

Two racers. Two souped-up cars that looked like something out of “Need for Speed”. One lap, winner take all. When the imaginary horn sounded, the silver-grey car zoomed off as the midnight blue car raced to catch up.

The race was intense as both cars fought for dominance and gain the upper hand. The silver-grey car turned around the bend first, almost falling off of the side of the cliff, but then the midnight blue car came up from behind and passed the silver-grey car, leaving a good amount of distance between them.

Just as the midnight blue car was about to cross the finish line and relish in victory, the silver-grey car came out of nowhere and crashed headfirst into the side of the midnight blue car, sending both cars tumbling off the side of the cliff. The drivers of both cars died upon impact.

No one knows the reason why the driver of the silver-grey car decided to do such a thing. Perhaps it’s that the driver wanted to win the race so badly that he didn’t want to lose even at the cost of his own life. You can still hear the loud revving of engines if you drive along that specific stretch of road in the dark of the night.

Lady in the Mist

As the mist cleared, she saw a glorious town. Untouched by the advancement of humankind. She could smell the freshly baked bread cooling on the windowsill of a small, homey bakery and hear the rushing sound of the majestic waterfall as it cascades down the mountainside like a silk bridal veil. She tried to touch the crystal clear water with her long, graceful fingers and taste the refreshing liquid, but she could not as the water drained right through her cupped hands. 

Her hazelnut brown eyes were dark and blank, devoid of the sparkle that it once held. The world that she knew became one of eternal darkness. She reached out a transparent arm, longing to be a part of that beautiful world. Yet deep in her beatless heart, she knows that it’s simply not meant to be.

She did not wish to part from the world that she had loved so fiercely, but it seems that her destined path is one that leads to tragedy rather than one of timeless happiness. She closed her dark, blank eyes in sorrow as a lone tear made its’ way down her pale, porcelain cheek, and she slowly retreated back into the mist, never to be seen again.

The Haunted Park

“You’ll never catch me!” A young girl exclaimed as her friend chased after her. Her feet pounded upon the leaf covered ground, making soft crunching sounds as she ran through the woods. The two girls ran until they couldn’t run anymore, laughing hysterically as they both came to a stop, catching their breath as they huffed and puffed.

The girl who was being chased looked up to see where they were and saw a huge, rusty iron gate with a large equally rusty padlock securing the gate in place. “What is it, Raena?” Asked her friend Kyra, who walked up beside Raena, curious to find out what her friend had seen. “It’s an amusement park, but it looks like it’s been deserted for years.” Raena said after a moment’s silence. “An abandoned amusement park? That is so awesome!” Kyra whispered as she moved her gaze toward the park.

Then, a strong gust of wind came out of nowhere and a spooky ghostly voice was heard, “Leave this place! Or suffer the same fate!” The girls whimpered in fear, but their legs wouldn’t budge as they stood rooted to the ground. The ghostly voice then appeared again, repeating the same warning as before, “Leave this place! Or suffer the same fate!” Various spirits appeared as the ghostly voice delivered its second warning, a woman dressed as a mermaid trapped in the water tank, unable to escape. A bumbling magician locked in the box used to magically saw people in half, struggling to get free, and a scary-looking tattooed strongman, his wrists bound with thick, black chains.

A mystic Gypsy fortune teller then appeared and levitated closer to the girls, her hands moved about her all-seeing crystal ball. The Gypsy then spoke in a haunting tone, “This amusement park has been cursed by a being with the blackest heart for many years. Those who are employed here have all fallen victim to his evil deed. Escape while you can, or he will get you too.” The girls then turned on their heel and ran as fast as they possibly could away from the haunted amusement park.

A Strange Encounter

Sitting at my computer, in the world of now,

Eating some orange yogurt.

A stuffed kangaroo plushie sits on the shelf,

With books stacked neatly beside it.

I wrote some words on some paper,

And looked for something to staple it together.

A gentleman named Ron came by,

Wearing a dashing tuxedo.

He drank some coffee and sat on my beige couch,

Munching some almonds, crunch, crunch, crunch.

Then he disappeared as quick as he came,

Like a ghost haunting a lonely mansion.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it,

As I stared at the prickly green cactus.


Grandma’s Ghost

Have you ever had someone visit you from the Great Beyond? Well, I have and it was something that I will never be able to forget for as long as I live. It all happened in the middle of the night about a couple of days ago. I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to get to sleep. You see, I had just lost my grandmother and I have had these recurring nightmares where I would see her being taken away from me over and over. Then, on that fateful night, I woke up from the nightmare in a cold sweat and saw a figure standing in front of me.

She wore a bright pink sweater t-shirt complete with black pants and shoes. Her hair was curled the way Grandma’s were. I rubbed my eyes, thinking that I was seeing things, but then the figure began to speak in a ghostly voice that sounded like my grandmother. “Kiara, this is your grandmother.” The spirit said to me. “Grandma? How is it that you’re here and why can I see you?” I asked, trying to push down the fear that was starting to rise up from within. “You can see me because I am allowing it. I have something that I need you to take care of and if you can do this for me, then I will be able to pass on to the afterlife. If not, then I’m afraid that you will see more of me than you would have liked.”

GreatJust great.” I thought to myself as I pulled up the covers. “Not only do I have to fulfill Grandmas request, she would haunt me for the rest of my life if I dont.” I decided to find out what it is that my dead grandmother wanted me to do so that I can stop having these nightmares. “What is it, Grandma?”