Tired beyond tired,

Not wanting to move.

Wishing to stay in bed,

And not face the morning chill.

Brain slowly slipping,

Into sleepy-time mode.

Trying to stay awake,

Resisting the Sandman’s pull.

Too worn out to care,

About anything and anyone.

Zero fucks are given,

When one is feeling drained.


4 thoughts on “Drained

  1. rick says:

    Hi Tiff, Hope you are feeling better now and the same routine starts gain tomorrow morning.
    I can tell you are not up to par with the posts lately. I know you can work through it with all the skills and talent that you possess. This experience will only make you stronger and more resilient Keep smiling and be positive……Rick

    • Tiffany C. Lockhart says:

      Thanks Rick. It’s true that I haven’t been up to par with the posts lately. I try to make it good but sometimes you just have to go with what you have. There’s always room to improve. I certainly hope that one day I can be stronger and more resilient, it’s up to time to determine when that will be.

      • rick says:

        You have a long record of some very fine posts for all the time since I started following them, you have chosen a very difficult area to break into and to get noticed or published which comes with the territory of being an author.
        Persistence is the key .I know you have other platforms which are part of your creative reviewing skills which I don’t follow except your one sided tweeter replies that I giggle over on some of your cheeky sarcastic handles. Lately I notice that your stories are missing your signature irony or sarcastic conclusions like maybe you don’t have time or are getting to tired to think it through.
        A little change sometimes for a short time is as good as a rest (my philosophy)

      • Tiffany C. Lockhart says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. It is a difficult area to break into and yes, to get noticed or published comes with the territory. I know that persistence is key to making it as a writer/potential author, I’m not the type to give up easily even if at times, it’s all I want to do. Yes, the stories that I’ve been posting lately do not have an ironic or sarcastic conclusion to them. I suppose you can chalk it up to tiredness since I’m doing most of my writing at the office job. Aside from working on a part-time basis, they also want me to come into the office on Mondays and Tuesdays but I can do my own work on those two days. At least the Easter long weekend is coming up so I can catch up on sleep during that time before this whole thing starts up again.

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