The Infinite Podcast

She didn’t expect a response. She figured that it was worth a shot even if it didn’t work out the way that she wanted it to. A few days after she submitted the form, she got an email detailing the rundown of the podcast that she is going to take part in. Mouth agape, she felt both excited and nervous at the same time. This would be her first ever podcast, and she’s not sure if she will be able to sound intelligent enough during the recording session. Thinking that she should do some research into the matter, she quickly typed in a few search terms, hoping they will give her the answers that she’s looking for.

On the day of the podcast, she still felt a little bit on edge. While it’s not a video call, she is worried that she might not be able to answer the questions that would be asked. “Okay, you’re freaking out too much,” she told herself. “Just do the best you can and hope that all the unintelligible stuff will be edited out.” Satisfied with that decision, she stared at the clock on her laptop, waiting for the moment that the podcast will begin.

When the time came, she clicked on the link that was sent to her by the host. She then installed the software needed to record the podcast. Plugging in her microphone, she tested the sound quality before the host came online. After a few trial and error attempts, she managed to get the audio working and the host started to record.

They talked about all things television and movies. From what’s coming soon to theatres to the shows that she is most excited about. She gave each of the questions a suitable response and tried to speak in a professional manner while keeping it casual. Towards the end, the host wrapped up the podcast with a couple of closing remarks and thanked her again for taking the time out of her day to do this. “It’s my absolute pleasure,” she said. “I look forward to the day when we can do this again.” The host said that he’ll keep her posted and ended the call. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, she went back to doing what she does best, the memory of the Infinite Podcast still fresh in her mind.