Lost and Found

It all happened within a split second. She was going from store to store, doing her usual shopping. It was her birthday so she figured that she could get herself something nice. Her favourite orange pink hat safely tucked inside her jacket pocket. Music from her personal playlist blared from her headphones, allowing her to be immersed in a melodic trance. She browsed through the store for a few more minutes before heading out. When she reached inside her jacket to retrieve her hat to put it on, her eyes went as wide as dinner plates. Her orange-pink hat is gone.

Panic surged through her as she rushed back into the store, thinking that it must be on the floor somewhere. She looked from top to bottom without drawing attention to herself but she couldn’t find her hat anywhere. Disappointment washed over her in waves as her shoulders slumped. The hat was supposed to be her mother’s. She had purchased it online but ended up giving it to her after trying it on. “It looks better on you than me,” she had said. Logically speaking, she could get another one from the same seller online, though if she were to tell her mother that she had lost the hat, she is absolutely certain that she will never hear the end of it. “I have to find it,” she said to herself. “I have to find it.”

She went out of the store and retraced her steps, all the while keeping her eyes glued to the floor. She headed up the escalators and continued her search. When she walked toward another store, she saw something reddish orange on the ground. Feeling hopeful, she all but ran up and saw that it was her hat. Bending down, she picked it up and dusted it off and placed it on her head. Immense relief flooded through her entire being as she began making her way out of the mall.

As she exited the building, she couldn’t help but think that Lady Luck had smiled on her today. Things could have ended in a disaster but it ended up being a happy ending instead. She then made a promise to herself to always keep her hat on her head, or put it in her bag if she carried one. One only gets lucky once, they don’t get lucky twice.