Spin the Globe

“No, this can’t be happening!” Cassandra exclaimed, slumping into her chair. “There goes my trip to Iceland.” She muttered, running a hand through her auburn hair. The Icelandic airline has cancelled all their flights, citing a glitch in their system. She had saved up from working various odd jobs and watches what she spends on necessities and online splurges. Now that she has enough in her bank account, the young woman planned to travel the world. Though now with the planes grounded, she can’t go much of anywhere. Or could she?

Sitting upright, Cassandra grabbed the light pink Wild & Wolf globe sitting near the small bookshelf on her desk. Turning the miniature planet with her finger, she decided to try an age-old trick. Setting the globe down onto her desk, she spun the globe as hard as she could. Closing her eyes, she raised a finger and blindly pointed to a location. Whatever place her finger points to, she will travel there instead.

The globe stopped its speedy rotation when Cassandra put her forefinger on it. Opening her eyes, she saw that she had landed on the island of Greece. “Just like Iceland but not as far, to an extent.” She said to herself, pleased that Lady Luck had smiled down on her. She then booked the next flight out to the Mediterranean island, thankfully LAX is not affected by the computer glitch and packed a suitcase filled with clothes and toiletries that will last her for about a couple of weeks.

Early the next day, Cassandra got up when her alarm went off and called for a cab to take her to the airport. After making sure that she has everything from her passport to her plane ticket, she left her apartment, locked the door and went downstairs. She then got into the waiting taxi and made her way to LAX. A smile appeared on her face as the cab took her to the city’s largest airport. Greece, here I come!

Once she arrived at LAX, she paid her cab fare and went inside. After a quick check-in process, Cassandra made her way to her gate. She didn’t have to wait long before she had to board the plane. She filed onto the aircraft with the other passengers and found her seat in the middle rows near the window. Placing her luggage in the overhead compartment, she sat down and looked out the window. To think that all I did was spin the globe, Cassandra mused, giddy that in just 15 hours, she will bask in the warm sun of the Greek islands.