Left In Pieces

He didn’t know what came over him. I suppose you can say that after the first time he did it, a thrill surged through him, making him feel things that he had never felt before. He then did it again and again, each time with different people. Though the task is always repetitive, he didn’t seem to mind as he revelled in the pure adrenaline and the sheer pleasure of it all.

People often gave him weird looks or avoided him altogether because of what he does, but he doesn’t care. If no one will bring him before a judge and jury, he can do whatever the heck he wants. He could even get away with murder if he wanted to and no one will be the wiser. That, my dear readers, is exactly the thing that he is planning to do.

He’s always had the urge to take a life. No matter if it’s animal, insect or human. If the impulse arises, then he will act on it, no questions asked. If he could tell you the number of kills that he has, he would, though that might take a while because it’s a really long list. Trust me, your eyes will go wide with complete and utter shock if you knew how many people and living things that he had brutally murdered.

One night, he was at it again. This time, it was a family of four in a small town near a large city. He told the father that he was driving from one city to another and couldn’t find a motel. The father, unsuspecting of his motives, generously offered that he could sleep on the couch for the night and can continue his journey in the morning. He thanked the father profusely for his kind heart and entered the house. Later, when the entire family was asleep, he got up from the couch-bed and tiptoed into the kitchen. Finding a meat cleaver in the drawer, he went up the stairs to claim his victims.

First, he went into the children’s room and quickly ended their little lives. He almost didn’t go through with it as he gazed upon their angelic sleeping faces. He then dismembered the bodies and left the kids’ bedroom, making his way into the masters where Mom and Dad are. The wife died first with a swift chop to her neck and the husband met the same unfortunate end. He then dismembered each of their bodies, sending blood splatters all over the walls and ceiling.

When he was done, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and went back downstairs. Opening the fridge, he took out a bottle of ice cold beer and opened it, taking large gulps of the light amber liquid. Just then, he saw a little girl standing in the doorway, her eyes large and innocent, laced with a hint of fear. An evil sneer appeared on his bloodied face and asked, “Do you want to be chopped up into pieces, Little Girl?”

The girl didn’t answer right away, instead, she stared at him with two lifeless ocean blue orbs. “I’m already in pieces,” she said in a soft voice. “That’s what you did when you killed me.” As soon as the last word fell from her lips, the man screamed as though he had gone insane, dropping the bottle of beer onto the hardwood floor with a loud clang. Suddenly, he stopped screaming and picked up the meat cleaver as if he was in a hypnotic trance and started hacking away at himself until he too is left in pieces.


6 thoughts on “Left In Pieces

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a question and a comment. When you were standing in front of the Pegasus wings with your hands clasped in reverence, what thoughts were coursing through your mind? I followed AGT and I feel that your reports and comments were well written, concise and objective, a job well done.

    • Tiffany C. Lockhart says:

      Ah, I figured as much and yes, it’s always nice to reconnect. Oh, I guess you’ve seen my photo from SDCC on my Twitter timeline. Well, that is a reference to the show “Lucifer” which I cover for TVOvermind (though now it has moved to Netflix, I’m uncertain if I want to shell out the money to pay for the subscription fee). When Lucifer wanted to summon Amenadiel, he would clasp his hands together in prayer and the latter would appear. Since I was standing in front of a replica of Lucifer’s wings at the convention, I’d thought I would pay homage to that. As for the thoughts that were coursing through my mind, I guess that was it. Thank you for following my AGT reviews. πŸ™‚

  2. Ragazza Triste says:

    Whoa! I love this, too dark and disturbing. I’ve been watching films about serial killers and then I came upon this post. The timing is great. Ha ha./ I want more of this, please.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m always entertained by your posts on a daily basis. You push all of my buttons on some posts leaving me with a lot of I wants… and I also enjoy the unique quips you use as in “multi-slacker” and some of the wholesome stories ” wearing a flowing 50’s dress baking an apple pie” there are many more that you have crafted which earn a grin to a smile or maybe a knee slap. Looking forward to many more. The poetry is good and I like it because of its briefness, (if that’s a word ) and the emotion that you are able to convey with a few lines.

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