How to Prank a Raccoon

Raccoons are the pranksters of the natural world. At least, that's the general consensus. I mean, they do look like little robbers with their black "masks" across their eyes. So how does one go about pranking these nocturnal critters?

"Kyra, are you sure this is going to work?" A large Alaskan Husky asked the Siberian Gray cat beside him. "For the millionth time, yes, Ashton, it will work! Quit asking me every five seconds!" Kyra said exasperatedly. The cat and dog duo decided to pull a prank on the neighborhood raccoon that has been causing trouble. They have spent many nights forming the perfect plan to teach the trash-hunting creature a lesson it would not soon forget.

A rustle was heard from some bushes nearby. Kyra zeroed in on the source of the sound and waited, thinking that the raccoon is about to come out. Sure enough, a young, energetic raccoon burst out of the bushes and made a beeline for the trash cans in Kyra's backyard, hoping to find some delicious morsels that were thrown out by the owner.

As the raccoon came closer to the garbage cans, it made quick work of the lid and proceeded to devour whatever it could get its little paws on. Then, the creature stopped stuffing its face and hurled everything back into the trash. "What is this disgusting thing?! I've never tasted anything so foul!" The raccoon then jumped off the edge of the can, not bothering to put the lid back on. The can then toppled over, spilling garbage everywhere. "I am never coming back to this place ever again," The Procyonidae muttered as it waddled away back into the bushes.

When the coast was clear, Kyra and her canine companion came out of their hiding spot. The Siberian cat had a satisfied smirk on her face. "See Ashton? I told you it would work." The husky gazed in the direction of the now toppled trash can and back to the cat. "Who knew that putting in all those smelly foods could ward off a raccoon?" Kyra hummed and said, "Raccoons may eat anything and everything, but the one thing they will never touch is something that smells bad. That, my friend, is how you prank a raccoon."