Sunset on the Water

Standing on the shore of a pebbled beach, the sun setting beneath the western horizon. Its reflection on the crystal clear water makes it look like a fiery counterpart to its nighttime partner. Another day done, another chapter closed in the book of life.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” He said to her as he stared at the ocean. “Indeed.” She replied softly, leaning into his side to seek his warmth. “Are you cold, my love?” He inquired. She shook her head before smiling up at him. “I am not cold. I simply wish to be close to you is all.” She said. He let out a chuckle as he drew his beloved closer to him and returned his gaze to the sinking orb of light, painting the sky a mixture of reds, oranges, and purples.

As the last speck of daylight is consumed by night, he said to his soulmate, “It is getting late. We should be making the journey home.” The lady nodded in agreement, putting her hand on her husband’s arm. He led her toward a waiting carriage and helped her into it before boarding himself. The coachman then cracked his whip, signaling to the horses that it’s time to go.

The ride back to the estate was spent in a comfortable silence. The only sound is the squeaking of the carriage wheels and the horse’s trotting. When the vehicle stopped, the coachman announced that they have arrived at the estate. The man got out first and helped his wife down. She took his hand and carefully descended the steps so that she won’t trip on the skirts of her dress. Husband and wife then entered the estate as the coachman drove the carriage away.

Later, as the couple laid in bed, the lady let out a sigh. “What is it my dearest? Something on your mind?” Her husband asked with a hint of concern. The wife sighed again as she replied, “We only have a set amount of time on this earth. Who knows how many sunsets on the water we can enjoy before we have to ascend to the pearly gates?”

The man let out a sigh of his own, reaching out a hand to caress his wife’s cheek. “We will enjoy the sunsets for as long as we are alive. Even if we are gone from this earth, our children will carry out the tradition and so will their children.” He promised, placing a loving kiss upon his wife’s forehead. “Thank you, my love.” She said, her eyelids succumbing to the pull of sleep. “Anything for you, darling. Anything for you.” He whispered as he slowly followed his wife to dreamland.