One kiss. One kiss was all it took. He poured his heart out to her, telling her that he’s not worth it. That she should find someone who could make her happy. She seemed to agree with him as she edged closer and placed her rose red lips on his. When they broke apart, his mind couldn’t comprehend that someone so pure could care for someone as dark as he is. He then turned on his heel and left her standing with a confused, sad look on her beautiful face.

“It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real.” He repeated over and over like a mantra. He doesn’t deserve to be happy. Not after everything he has done. Fate would not be this kind to him and let him finally have something that he so desperately longed for. No. This is not meant to be. He thought miserably. I’m a monster. Monsters do not get to have a happy ending. His eyes stung as his vision began to blur. He raised his head to the ceiling, hoping to will his tears back before they start to fall.

Suddenly, the door to his apartment opened and there, standing just outside of it, was her. He stared at her, unable to say or do anything. She walked into the apartment, closing the door behind her, making her way over to him. Sitting down beside him, she looked at him with such emotion that he just wanted to feel her lips on his once again. He then pushed the urge down, sternly reminding himself that what they had is nothing but an illusion. It’s not real. He thought, unable to look into her alluring eyes.

She then took his hands in hers, softly telling him to turn around. He obeyed her command despite his brain telling him not to. No matter what happens, he would always be there for her. Is this what love feels like? He thought as he finally gazed into the eyes of his lovely partner. “I don’t know why you ran off after we kissed, but I want you to know that what I feel for you is real despite what you said. I have the choice to make my own decisions, and no deity has the power to do that for me. I can choose whomever I want, and I choose you.” As soon as the last word left her mouth, she leaned forward and kissed him again, putting all the love that she has into the kiss. Maybe this is real after all. He thought as he returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around the one person that mattered: the woman that he loves.