The Bus Stop

There is a bus stop not too far from here. It may look like an ordinary bus stop, but mysterious things have been happening at this particular stop. Be warned, if you board the bus that comes to this stop, make sure you get off as soon as possible. If you don’t, then you can kiss your life on Earth goodbye.

A little boy was walking home from school one day when he suddenly decided to take the bus. He saw a bus stop up ahead, and he all but ran up to it and stood beside it to wait for the transportation vehicle. Minutes turned into hours, and the sky was beginning to darken.

“Where is that bus?” The boy muttered as he leaned forward, trying to see if the bus is coming. Suddenly, two bright headlights appeared, and a large, dark gray bus pulled up to the stop. The doors opened to let the boy board, but everything was eerily dark.  He cautiously ascended the steps onto the bus and saw that there were no other passengers. Making a mental note to get off at the next stop, the boy found a seat near the window in the middle of the bus.

After enduring a bumpy ride, the boy got off at the next stop, walking the rest of the way home. When he arrived, his mother asked why he was so late coming home from school. “I decided to wait for the bus.” The boy said. His mother’s eyes went wide and asked her son which bus he took. The boy then described the bus to her and suddenly found himself enveloped in her arms. “Oh, I’m so glad that you weren’t taken!” She exclaimed.

Confused, the boy asked his mother why she said she’s glad he wasn’t taken. The mother wiped away her tears on her apron and told her son the story of a bus that takes people from the world of the living to that of the dead. “The bus comes every night at sunset to pick up passengers. Though once you get on board, there is no getting off unless you have your wits about you and get off at the next stop.” Astounded and shocked, the boy burrowed deeper into his mother’s embrace and said, “I am never taking the bus ever again.”